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Grimsby The Film

Monday, 30th January, 2017

Grimsby Film Review

I am still going through all the blu rays I bought! Last time I watched Central Intelligence which I liked a surprising amount, and this week it was the turn of the latest film to come from Sacha Baron Cohen, Grimsby.

I saw the hype about this film ages ago, while they were filming, and I actually did not really know what this film was about, other than it was Sacha Baron Cohen and Grimsby, and I thought it was some sort of piss-take on Grimsby, which it sort of was, but had an unusual plot.

His latest character is Nobby, who is a slobby working class type of charva with 11 kids and a wife Dawn (Rebel Wilson), who hasn’t seen his brother for 28 years. Nobby’s friends track down his brother, Sebastian, who it turns out is an MI6 spy, who is at a benefit for philanthropist Rhonda George (Penelope Cruz). Nobby goes to hug his brother when he’s just about to take out a hitman (Lukashenko) who then accidently shoots a young boy with AIDS, MI6 think that Sebastian has gone rogue and try to take him out, him and Nobby escape but they are still after him. They have to clear Sebastian’s name and find Lukashenko and travel to South Africa after Jodie (Isla Fisher) informs them that he’s there doing a deal, and the film goes from there.

There is lots of laughs and funny parts of the film, as well as lots of cringe moments and sick humour that you’d expect to see from a Sacha Baron Cohen film, such as when Nobby sucks poison out of Sebastian’s testicles, or they hide inside an elephant. There are some odd moments which are quite touching, when the film does flashbacks to the childhoods of Nobby and Sebastian too.

Overall it’s a decent film with some really funny moments as well as some off-putting humour too probably what you’d expect to see. The plot is completely far fetched, but it’s what you come to expect from a film like this.

Grimsby Blu Ray Review

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