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Grainger Games Slammed At The GMA

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Thursday, 27th October, 2011

Oh dear!

It seems that Grainger Games have been upsetting people in the gaming world. They were the main sponsor of a gaming event last night, the GMA’s, the Gaming Media Awards. They have been criticised for their behavior at the awards and condemned by the event organisers Intent Media, who have gone on to say Grainger Games will not be welcomed back.

From the things I have read you cannot condone their behavior, which allegedly included heckling the host Greg Davies (The Inbetweeners), and being generally lairy and loud to put it mildly.

But as ever there seems to be an Internet storm about the whole thing. Gizmodo UK (written by Bulent Yusuf) and others have sensationalised the story, from start to end; Criticising the whole promotion from their Orange Hummer (or “hateful orange” as Gizmodo UK put it) to the girls and dwarves to the condoms which they apparently gave out on tables; Doesn’t sound too painful to me. The Gizmodo article rants and raves about the colour orange, and is dumbfounded by their chants of “Toon Army”…Erm Grainger Games is from Newcastle, that could be an indication of why, even if it was unwelcomed.

It did not stop GMA tweeting this message last night, to while they did not seem to mind the “booth babes”.

Grainger Games have since apologised. Unfortunately for them it seems the people they had at the event representing them have let them down in the biggest way possible. Many people on Twitter have jumped on the bandwaggon of criticising Grainer Games. Civil war within the games industry? Probably something they don’t need.

I have to say I have been in their store and have no complaints, there staff seem alright to me, and their prices are good, so I can’t complain.


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