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Gotta Love This March Spring-Like Weather

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Tuesday, 11th March, 2014


Baseball Tee by Nena And Pasadena, New Era NY Cap, Ray Ban Aviators, Acne Jeans, Red Converse

Another “What I Wore” post, after so many months of doing hardly any, maybe I am just excited by the sight of the sun :mrgreen: I have been experimenting with my camera a little, using more of the manual modes, and the remote I bought and never used. It’s pretty good, because you can point the remote at the camera and shoot, so you don’t need to be at the camera pressing the button. The only bad part is that the timer only goes to 2 seconds, so you don’t have much time at all to get the remote out of sight. I usually use the in camera 10 second timer, but that does not focus correctly since I cannot be in front of the camera and release the shutter at the same time πŸ˜›

I wore my Nena & Pasadena baseball t-shirt today since it was pretty nice weather. It’s actually the first time I’ve worn it, despite getting it last year. Blame the cold weather where you can’t really wear a tee. I have a couple of things which I have never actually worn, so I am happy spring is coming sooner rather than later. My acne jeans which are a size 30″ waist but only 32″ leg, too short for me! :p I buy a long leg usually, but when I bought these in London they told me that 30″ waist and long (33/34″) leg was hard to come by. They are a little on the short side as you can see, I prefer a longer leg length. Finished off with casual red Converse, which for some reason seem to have longer laces than all my others.


me-11-march-2014-3 me-11-march-2014-2

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