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Google Stadia – Is This The Future Of Gaming?

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Monday, 25th March, 2019

Is Google Stadia The Future Of Gaming

If you like gaming or even if you don’t, you might have heard the news that Google is entering the gaming arena. They’re not making a console, they’re not making a game, so what are they doing? They’ve just announced Google Stadia. But what is it, and will it work?

Well there wasn’t too many details for Google’s latest project which they said will launch this year, but essentially it’s this. It’s going to be a service which allows you to play high end games using just your screen…No console, no powerful computer, just whatever screen you have, plus a controller.

The idea is a pretty great one. It will use cloud based computing to do all the hard work, and then you play. Whether that’s on your huge TV screen in the living room, the one in the dining room, the one in the bedroom, your PC, phone or tablet. The power of your device doesn’t matter because all of that is handled by Google Stadia. All you do is connect.

There’s no need for a console, which means there’ll be no need to update to the latest piece of hardware, whether that be a new console or the latest graphics card for your PC. This all sounds good right, but is it the future?

There’s been no announcement on the price or cost, but I am assuming that it’s going to be a subscription based model. That means you’ll be paying £xx/month for the service, and be able to play the games you want. Or will you?

Will the big AAA titles be available, and if they are, will they be available with your subscription price? All of the gaming details will need to be finalised before anyone is going to commit to signing up to this service. If I were a hardcore gamer and only played 1 or 2 games, would I really want to have a monthly spend on that game, or just a one-off cost like it currently is?

There’s games like COD, GTA and FIFA which have large followings, but these only cost £40-50 as a one-off, or per-year if you always upgrade. Even if you buy 2, that’s £100, or just over £8/month. Will this service be that, or less? I think it will be more expensive.

So far they have just announce the service, and their own controller which is designed specifically for Google Stadia. However they made the important point that other controllers will be compatible with the service, meaning you’ll be able to use your PS4 or XBOX One controller with this, without needing to buy Google’s own controller.

What About Connection Speed?

Then there’s the ability to play. Google say that you’ll be able to play at 4K resolution with 60FPS when this comes out, which is thought of as the modern standard for today’s spec for gaming. However I read that they needed a 25Mbit connection to achieve this, in comparison to something like Xbox Live which recommends having only 3Mbit. If you’re really into gaming, any kind of lag is a nightmare, and the ultimate turnoff.

What Do You Think?

I think that this is a brilliant idea in theory. One of the worst things about gaming has always been you can’t take your gaming with you, whether that be to someone else’s house, or even just moving around your own home. The current and old days, your setup was your console in one room, and that’s where you played it, whichever room in the house that was. Since you don’t need a console, Google Stadia will allow you to play in any room of the house, so I do like that idea.

However there’s the situation with the games which will be on this service, and as we’ve learned from the past, games are what makes or breaks consoles, not pure power. There’s also the issue of cost, so we’ll have to see what that is before we can really decide if it’s worth it.

What are your thoughts on Google Stadia?

Are Google going to be the Netflix of gaming? 

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