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Gascoigne Film On Blu Ray

Thursday, 3rd December, 2015


If you are around my age then you’ll know all about Paul Gascoigne…That’s Gazza the footballer, not the headlines he’s been getting in the last few years. When I think of Gazza I think of a few things; Italia 90, The Tottenham free kick at Wembley, Euro 96 and Lazio. This is a documentary covers all of those in detail, and everything in between.

The Gascoigne film has been out for ages, but I just recently got it and watched it, and it was everything I expected it to be, and really brought back memories of the good old days of 90’s football, and those two big international tournaments which happened. It was a good time to be a football fan and live in England, even though I follow Spain I will always remember a few events from Italia 90 (I was only 5/6!) but the biggest memory for me was Euro 96; The only big football tournament to be held in England in my era, I was 11/12 so the perfect age to be a football fan, and Gazza was a huge part of that.

I remember the goal against Scotland, the Dentist chair, the 4-1 win over Netherlands, and of course going England out on penalties against Germany, with the Southgate miss and Gazza millimetres away from touching the ball in from a cross.

The film also goes into his life and growing up, playing for Newcastle and Tottenham where he got a big move to Lazio; The injuries he got and moves to Rangers, and has contributions from Gary Lineker, José Mourinho and Wayne Rooney who speak with their admiration. It also tells the story of off the pitch, all the Gazzamania that happened and everything that went along with it.

The documentary is everything you’d expect to see, so if you haven’t seen it and are a football fan of that generation, you should definitely watch it 🙂


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