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Friday 29th July 2011 – F1 Goes To Sky

Friday, 29th July, 2011

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So this morning I woke up to the news that from 2012 Formula One will be shown on exclusively on Sky…That is Sky have the rights to all the races and the coverage, and BBC will have coverage of 10 races, which is around half. Sky will show every race, whereas the BBC will only have 10, and show highlights of the ones they do not show.

I think that this isย  sad for F1. I love Sky, they have done lots for sport and in particular football, but F1 should remain free; I don’t know why really, maybe I think like that because it has always been something which has been free.

Apparently there will be uninterrupted coverage, with Sky Sports showing “every minute of every race, qualifier and practice session”. That is definitely a plus, better than ITV a few years ago. But maybe they will show “windowed” ads, like on Soccer Saturday?

I suppose its like anything, it will be sold to the highest bidder, which is a shame, I like the BBC coverage, they have got it right with the team they have bringing the races. BUT will it be good for F1? Being on a pay-TV channel will no doubt mean less viewers, which means less interest in the sport, and less viewers means less in sponsorship for the teams/drivers.

They had an F1 channel a few years ago, it only lasted for 1 season, I don’t think many people subscribed to it.

I suppose the good thing about it and what sets it apart from the BBC and ITV is that Sky Sports is a dedicated sports channel, and they have already announced that Sky Sports News will cover the F1 in depth.

I hope that the BBC team can somehow do the Sky coverage as well as the BBC, or maybe just move there if they are going to have the most coverage.

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