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Historia De La Roja – History For Spain!

Monday, 2nd July, 2012

Of course I am talking about Euro 2012 still! 😛 Yeah, Spain won, 4-0 and what a game it was!

Spain played so well, like champions, and they ran out deserved winners 4-0. It was an amazing performance, the Spain teams of the past 4 years have been the best in footballing history.


  • Spain are the first team to retain the European Championships
  • Spain are the first team to win 3 major trophies in a row
  • Biggest margin in a final of the Euros
  • Fernando Torres is the first player to score in back to back Euro finals.
  • Torres won the golden boot at Euro 2012

And many, many other things I have missed and cannot think of at the moment :mrgreen: Casillas will have some record, most clean sheets in knockout competition or something? The last goal he conceaded was against France in World Cup 2006 (if you don’t include group stages).

Last night I watched the fans in Cibeles in Madrid and all over Spain; I almost went again, but did not 🙁 I now think I should have.

It was an amazing night, and this time round the Spanish players got the whole families involved on the pitch.


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It’s Euro 2012 Final Day!

Sunday, 1st July, 2012

I woke up this morning, and it is Euro 2012 final day 🙂 It’s strange, I have woke up on a Sunday Morning for a final for the third time, it feels good! It’s a strange waiting around kind of day, just waiting for the kick off, only 2 hours before the build up show, and then at 19:45 it starts 🙂

I am of course wearing all my Spain things today, all in red. I was going to wear a Casillas goalkeeper shirt, but I have decided to wear the red home top.

My Spain home shirt, Spain scarf and Spain sweatbands; All official and made by Adidas. My custom made Adidas trainers too, which I love 🙂

I have went out and got a few things to eat, I already have beer to drink, so just picked up a little bit of food for snacking.


crisps, chicken, buns, chocolate. Do I need anything else? 😛

So that is it, tonight it is all over, I will have to take my flags down and bunting down, and that is that for at least 2 years when the world cup is on in 2014 in Brasil. I have loved Euro 2012, it has had some amazing matches and entertainment, drama and passion, I just loved watching every match 🙂


Spain Euro 2012 Final Squad Announced

Sunday, 27th May, 2012


The Spain squad for Euro 2012 has been announced, and the big news is: Soldado is out, and Negredo is in. It is a surprise to me, Soldado has scored more goals this season, in total and in the league, and also hit a hattrick for Spain against Venezuela in February.

Every time I see a Spain squad they seem to choose fewer and fewer strikers, and this squad has 3 recognised out-and-out strikers; Torres, Llorente and Negredo. I think this is a risk, Negredo has missed out on all the previous squads for the finals, but has finally made this one. Torres has been out of form for a long time, and will really need to find some form. The most in form striker is Llorente, but is not a regular starter for Spain. Will Del Bosque go for 2 forwards like he did in the friendly against Serbia, or go for Torres/Llorente and a second striker?

Juanfran also keeps his place in defence, which leaves out the more Iraola and Monreal, and Javi Martinez added who has been playing in defence for Bilbao this season. The defence will be a change from the World Cup winning team.

The midfield looks strong as predicted, Cazorla has made this squad, probably in the place of a striker, with 4 players being able to play as attacking wingers such as Silva, Cazorla, Navas and Pedro, who scored twice for Barca at the weekend.

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Valdés and Reina.

Defenders: Arbeloa, Juanfran, Ramos, Piqué, Albiol, Javi Martínez and Jordi Alba.

Midfielders: Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, Cazorla, Silva, Mata, Cesc, Pedro and Navas.

Forwards: Llorente, Torres and Negredo.

What do you think is the best 11?

My starting 11:

Ramos, Piqué, Arbeloa, Jordi Alba
Busquets, Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, Silva

It is tough, either Arbeloa or Albiol in defence; Should Spain go with 2 forwards? If only one should Llorente get picked ahead of Torres?

It is a very tough decision to pick the best 11. In previous tournaments it has been pretty easy to pick the 11, you could get 9 out of 11 correct, the last 2 decisions has always been to go for 2 strikers or 1 with a supporting player; Then you have to decide on the supporting player and striker.

Sadly, David Villa and Puyol both miss out due to injury. Cesc Fabregas is also said to be out for 10 days, but is included in the squad.

Spain play against South Korea on Wednesday and China on Sunday as their final warm up games before the Euro 2012 campaign starts on 10th June against Italy.


Adidas Originals Spain Shirt From 1994

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2012

Adidas Originals have launched this re make of a classic shirt which I love, the Spain home shirt from 1994. This was worn in the 1994 World Cup in the USA. I really liked this shirt, I got one from Spain when I was 10, not “authentic” though 😉

What do you think? I think it looks really great 😀 The only thing I do not like is that is has “España” printed on the back where the name should be. I would have liked it more if this was plain, or a player from 1994 (I think no.5 was Abelardo?) .

The price is £45, but it is made by Adidas and is an “Adidas originals” shirt. I have had other so called “remakes” which have been not so good. It’s pretty good, 18 years old, maybe older than some of you readers! 😉 I am unsure of what it is made from, I hope it is polyester like a proper football shirt and the original, I do not like it when they make these “remakes” in pure cotton like a regular t-shirt.

This was worn by the Spain team, including one of my favourite players, Luis Enrique


New(er) Adidas Team GB Football Kit Unveiled 2012 Olympics

Thursday, 22nd March, 2012

I bet you are thinking, the team GB Shirt for 2012 Olympics was announced and released months ago, in fact I have it and I blogged about it here! Well apparently that is not the shirt the players will  be wearing on the pitch, as they have unveiled the team GB kits, including a football kit which is a different kit to the one they had released several months ago.

Before I go on I have to say I am rather mad about it. I was under the impression that the blue shirt was the football shirt which would be worn, and apparently it seems this newer one is. I got this impression as I imagine many others did since Adidas had Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Rodwell wearing it, all the sports and football shirt shops were selling it and they have shorts and socks to go with it…Seemed like a football kit at the time. It was also marketed at football kit kind of prices, £50 for the shirt, and was being sold by the major football shops like Subside, Kitbag, Sports Direct etc.

If the older blue shirt is just a “presentation jersey” as they are now calling it, why was it being sold at football kit prices?

Apparently it was a “commemorative 2012 olympic shirt”.

Here is the new(er) kit which was launched today, being worn by Jack Rodwell.

The kit is made by Adidas and designed by Stella Mccartney. This is just the football one, there are others for the other sports, which follow the same type of design.

What do you think?

I have read peoples thoughts on various sites and many saying they actually prefer the older one, a lot of people saying they don’t like this and many complaints about the lack of the colour red.

I think it looks decent, I would like to see more pics of it. I am just angry that I wanted to buy the Team GB Football shirt and now Adidas kindly tell us the blue shirt I got in November 2011 is not it, which means having to spend more money on this new shirt. They should have made it very clear from the start that the blue shirt was NOT the match replica shirt.

My blue shirt, now known as NOT the shirt Team GB will be wearing on the pitch.

The blue shirt, November 2011 which is NOT the official kit but a “commemorative” shirt.


Spain 2012 – Jacket, Polo Shirt, Captain’s Armband & Gloves

Friday, 20th January, 2012

I can finally post up my Spain 2012 things! Yeah, more things 😛 If you read my blog you will know I already have the Spain home shirt, the techfit home shirt, and both the Spain goalkeeper shirts, and now I can post the other things I have.

There was a delay in me posting them because the jacket I originally ordered was a ladies! :mrgreen: I order these from Spain, and there was no indication that this was the women’s version, so I had no idea until it came. I had to contact the company (in Spanish) and organise a return, then returned the jacket and bought the correct mens version.

So, here are the cool things which I got…

The official Spain polo shirt. I love this, and it is smart too, I will wear this, but probably not too much.


Official Spain and Adidas gloves. I wore these the other day, they are nice for the winter, but I probably won’t wear these too much.

Spain captain’s armband. This is just for the memorabilia, I doubt I will wear it, or maybe I will with my Spain Goalkeeper shirts, just like Iker 😉 You may remember I have the same armband but a Real Madrid one here.

Finally my lovely, lovely jacket. I love this, and it was worth the wait. It actually cost me a LOT, because I basically had to pay the postage twice, so that was actually around €90. I do love it though, and I imagine I will wear it a fair bit for a long time, so it will be worth it. This jacket actually has a more polyester and waterproof feel to it, other than the womans version which I originally received, I think I actually liked that one better, but I couldn’t wear it, it’s for girls 😉


España printing on the back.


Renford Rejects Shirt – 2012 Season

Thursday, 19th January, 2012

So a while back I was talking about the Renford Rejects, and how it would be cool to have a Rejects shirt, but updated for 2011/12. I was deciding which shirt to use as the base, and I finally chose and have made a shirt 😀

The biggest problem is the colour. They used black and purple striped shirts, which I could not get from anywhere. I tried every manufacturer, including the original manufacturer of the shirts they used on the show, and nobody seems to do black and purple stripes…Well the show is 10 years old or so!

So here is what I have come up with…

See below for more pics…

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Spain Goalkeeper Shirt 2012 – Away Shirt

Saturday, 31st December, 2011

This is a very rare shirt at the moment, it is the Spain away/alternative goalkeeper shirt for 2012. You may have seen my post with the Spain Casillas 2012 Goalkeeper shirt which I love, but I like this one just as much.

Before I bought it I had not seen it “in the flesh” before, it has not been worn in any Spain game yet, so maybe I have worn it before Casillas has! :mrgreen: I could not get it printed, I wish that I could, but I imagine it is because it is so new, I have not even seen the colour which the printing would be, I would imagine white as I think that would look best, but it may be golden yellow or something.

Here it is…


Want more pics? Here they are!…

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Spain 2012 Goalkeeper Shirt – Casillas Spain Shirt

Saturday, 19th November, 2011

Here it is, my newest pride and joy in terms of football shirts, it is the new Spain Goalkeeper shirt for 2011-13, i.e. the one worn in the Euro 2012 competition.

As I have done for a few years now, I bought this direct from Spain, since you cannot get them here in the UK (not that I have ever seen). I could have got this last week, but I held off, because I wanted to wait for the place to get the official printing so I could have it printed, which this is.

Number 1 and Casillas of course 😉 Something interesting about the printing…Casillas has “I Casillas” printed (i.e. Iker Casillas) on this shirt, something he has never had before for Spain. I noticed that it was printed this way against England, instead of just “Casillas”. I am unsure as to why this is, and if he will have the “I Casillas” printing on his shirts in the future for Spain, but this one has that. I know some players do have this, e.g. A.Iniesta, and Torres used to have F.Torres; But Casillas has never had this to my knowledge.

Here is the back:


I really like the design. The numbers look plain and boring from a distance, but they are a little bit graphical. The actual shirt itself is a nice design, with the star for the World Champions of course, all these Spain shirts are made primary for the Euro’s, in the neckline it has the “Campeones De Europa” (european champions) wording with the years, and this shirt lacks the world cup winners gold badge the previous shirt had, something which will probably return for the shirt they have during the next world cup.

Here are some close up pics, so you can see all the details.

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Olympic Football – Team GB – Thoughts?

Thursday, 20th October, 2011

It was announced today that Stuart Pearce has been named the manager of Team GB. There is a bit of controversy with the team, and the opposing home nations (all apart from England) do not want to take part.

What do you think? I personally think that they shouldn’t worry, because none have any players good enough! You could argue with Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale, but that is pretty much it. If you are to pick the strongest squad, then there would be nobody from N. Ireland and Scotland, and the team would be made up of almost all English players.

The team must consist of Under 23 players, however you are allowed 3 guest players who can be of any age. This means David Beckham could play, he wants to, and I hope he does 🙂 It is a rare thing for a footballer to get an Olympic medal, especially an English one since there is no British team, so he should go for it. The other possibility is Ryan Giggs playing, which would be great! 😛

The biggest problem with the Olympic Football is that the Euro’s are the same year. So the big names from England will be playing in that, and their clubs will not want them to play in 2 summer tournaments. That will mean the same for the Spain team, which has a few good young players in it. I suspect a team from outside Europe will win, because of Euro 2012; Argentina have won the previous 2 tournaments and the last time a European nation won it was in 1992, in Barcelona and it was Spain with a star studded squad. Spain also made the final in 2000 in Sydney but lost on a penalty shootout to Nigeria.

One of the stadiums being used for the Olympic football is our very own St James’ Park in Newcastle, and I will try and go to a game as long as some good teams are playing, Spain? You never know 😛 (not yet anyway!)

My CSKA Moscow 2011/12 Shirt

Thursday, 29th September, 2011

IT COME TODAY! :mrgreen:

The story goes like this…..

OK, so if you read my blog you will know that one thing I love is to get things which are exclusive or hard to come by, and one thing I have wanted for a long time is a CSKA Moscow shirt. I searched every online retailer, I asked Reebok UK, Reebok RU and asked others to see if they could help me find this shirt. I went to football websites which stock shirts from round the world, and nobody has anything which was CSKA. Many stores sell Zenit and Spartak shirts, but for some reason unknown to me nobody sells CSKA.

They came 2nd in their league last year, and so are even in the Champions League this season, and have some international stars like Honda, Vagner Love, Mark Gonzalez and more, so I thought that this season it might be easier to get a shirt, and nope, it was not.

Then I found a place, a Russian website completely in Russian Cyrillic, they had 1 page in English describing how to order and that they shipped to England, so I took the plunge and bought a shirt.

It took around 2 weeks to come, and cost over 5,000 Rubles, I worked out that was around £100 and checked my bank statement and yeah, it was £106. The shirt was only about 2900 Rubles, but printing made it around 3300 rubles and the rest was shipping…The shipping was actually around £30 if you need a reference.

But all that aside it came, and I love it 😛

So many sponsors on the front! This is such an authentic shirt, all the Spartak ones I have seen UK retailers selling are “unsponsored” versions.


Cyrillic writing on the back 😛 It says “Dzagoev” and amazingly he scored against Inter on Tuesday, but CSKA sadly lost 3-2 🙁 They use Cyrillic writing in their domestic games and English/latin style text in Europe.

I am glad I got this seasons shirt, I think it is better than last, so I am glad in a way that it took so long to find it 😀

I might get the away shirt too 😉


Spain Home Shirt 2011 & Spain Away Shirt 2011

Thursday, 18th November, 2010

Like I mentioned yesterday, Spain have launched yet another shirt, this one will be the 2011 shirt, available to buy now. I am assuming this is only going to be used upto Euro 2012, and then release yet another shirt for that competition.

That’s loads of shirts Spain have released, 2008, 2009, 2010, and now this, making it 4 shirts in only 2 years! I supposed they have an excuse, there is a new badge on this one, for winning the world cup, aswell as the first design to officially have the star on it.

What do you think? I really like it. I know there are some people who dont, and saying it has too much blue in it, but I prefer them to have different designs, I hate it when a team like England bring out a new shirt and you can barely tell the difference between them.

Back to white for an away shirt. I prefer the gold or blue, but nevermind. Maybe they change the away colours every few years…last was blue, before was yellow, before that I think it was white; I remember in 2002 they had 3, using white as the away and blue as a 3rd. I have them all 😛

España = CAMPEONES!!!!!!

Tuesday, 13th July, 2010


Yes!! Spain did it and won the World Cup for the very first time on Sunday night!! I am sure you are aware, of all of this now, it is Tuesday, so it was a few days ago. They beat Netherlands 1-0 after extra time, with a Andrés Iniesta goal 🙂

What a great night it was on Sunday, it was such a good party night, i had my drinks, champagne, vodka, redbull, food, air horns, flags, shirt, and blasting music after the final :mrgreen:

I did not really go to bed, i watched Madrid TV and fell asleep for a few hours, and then it was morning already! My mouth tasted of champagne until Monday night!

I was so tired on Monday! But it didnt matter, I watched Madrid TV again and saw the parties and everything all over again, i wish i was in Madrid, but watching it on TV was 2nd best, it made me feel like i was there 🙂

Monday night it was another night of celebration, watching Madrid TV, seeing the players meet the royal family of Spain, the king and queen, prince and princesses, it was really good. The king also made a speach, which was so cool!! Then the team went to meet the prime minister of Spain, which was also cool, and funny, they started jumping up and down and he joined in!! :mrgreen: All the crowd were amazing, chanting INIESTA, INIESTA!! and IKER, IKER!! :mrgreen:

Then the players had a bus tour all over the city, it was crazy! 😀 Pepe Reina was going mental, and so was Piqué, it was so good, i do wish i was there! There were so many people, estimated to be 1 million people come out to support La Roja yesterday! It ended at puente del rey, where they took the stage. Fans had already been there for hours, and there was entertainment on, but the real reason people came was to see the players, and they werent disapointed 🙂

They took the stage, and it was great! Just like in 2008 Pepe Reina was the legendary MC, calling each player, and it was so good! He got to number 10, Fabregas, got him to the front of the stage, where he held him with Piqué and Puyol and they put a Barca shirt over him, he didnt know about that, haha!! :mrgreen: He looked good in a Barca shirt 😉 I bet the Arsenal fans didnt like that 😛

It was such a great night, i still have a bad head, oh well, its all good 🙂


It was such an emotional few days, you have probably seen clips on YouTube of Iker Casillas kissing his girlfriend who works for TV channel TeleCinco Sara Carbonero. Also Pepe Reina singing and dancing to them on the plane home!!


Feature: World Cup WAGS

Monday, 7th June, 2010

OK My lovely readers, here is a treat for you. You all seem to like the blog posts about hot girls (and why not) so you should like this. The World Cup is coming, which you should know if you read my blog 😉 That used to mean 2 things, beer and football watching. Now, it means those, plus hot girls on the terraces aka WAGS :mrgreen:

So here you go, I bring you the wonderful world of WAGS 🙂 You should click continue reading, and some images may be Not Safe For Work. We start with the familiars, and then go to some hot women you may not know of 🙂 First (above) is Abi Clancey, WAG of Peter Crouch.

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Spain 23-Man World Cup Squad Announced!

Thursday, 20th May, 2010

WOW! Some interesting news here. The Final 23 players have been chosen for Spain, with a few suprises, to me if nobody else.

They announced their 30, and now trimmed it down to 23, here is the list, striked through obviously means not going.


Iker Casillas (captain) (age 28) Real Madrid
David de Gea  (age 19) Atlético Madrid
Diego López (age 28) Villarreal
Pepe Reina (age 27) Liverpool
Víctor Valdés (age 28) Barcelona


Raúl Albiol (age 24) Real Madrid
Álvaro Arbeloa (age 27) Real Madrid
César Azpilicueta (age 20) Osasuna
Joan Capdevila (age 32) Villarreal
Carlos Marchena (age 30) Valencia
Gerard Piqué (age 23) Barcelona
Carles Puyol (1st vice-captain) (age 32) Barcelona
Sergio Ramos (age 24) Real Madrid


Xabi Alonso (3rd vice-captain) (age 28) Real Madrid
Sergio Busquets (age 21) Barcelona
Santi Cazorla (age 25) Villarreal
Cesc Fabregas (age 23) Arsenal
Xavi Hernández (2nd vice-captain) (age 30) Barcelona
Andrés Iniesta (age 26) Barcelona
Javi Martínez (age 21) Athletic Bilbao
Juan Mata (age 22) Valencia
Jesús Navas (age 24) Sevilla
Pedro Rodríguez (age 22) Barcelona
Marcos Senna (age 33) Villarreal
David Silva (age 24) Valencia


Dani Güiza (age 29) Fenerbahce
Álvaro Negredo  (age 24) Sevilla
Fernando Llorente  (age 25) Athletic Bilbao
Fernando Torres  (age 26) Liverpool
David Villa  (age 28) Valencia

Suprising that 2 of the 5 out-and-out forwards are gone from the squad. Mata and Pedro could be considered forward players, aswell as Jesus Nevas and David Silva. If you include these names, that makes 7 forwards! 😀

So if it isnt clear the players not going are De Gea, Diego Lopez, Azpilicueta, Marcos Senna, Santi Cazorla, Dani Guiza and Alvaro Negredo.

Suprises are Marcos Senna, but maybe not, he is getting old (33) and has not had the best season, neither has Santi Cazorla who has had an injury plagued season.

Spain will play friendlies before the finals, which will be:

29th May vs Saudi Arabia (in Austria)
3rd June vs South Korea (in Austria)
8th June vs Poland (in Spain)

Then its the World Cup, and…

16th June vs Switzerland
21st June vs Honduras
25th June vs Chile