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Football Manager 2019 Review

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Sunday, 4th November, 2018

Football Manager 2019 Review - The Best Yet. By Michael 84

Yes guys, it’s that time of year again. It’s the time of new football game releases. A few weeks ago it was FIFA 19, and now it’s time for the big one, Football Manager 2019 was released this past Friday, and naturally I got it…The boxed disc version obviously!

It’s a yearly tradition, and an exciting time of the year for people like me who’ve been playing FM for years, previously Championship Manager and stretches all the way back to the glory days of the Amiga.

So what is it like, should you upgrade, what’s changed, what’s good and what is bad. Well…

I’ll spare you the details of what the game is and how it works. If you’re reading this, you’ll know all about the game already. It is Football Manager, and plays the same as all the other games have done. However, it’s not just a transfer update as some people always complain about. There are a few big changes which are instantly noticeable.

I have taken the job of managing Newcastle, not an easy task at all. Since I support Newcastle it’s the obvious choice, and I usually do manage them on every FM game. In the 2018 edition I decided to do long games, and was never the Toon, and so I’ve never took control of them since FM17.

FM19 Training Screen With Newcastle


The training has completely changed. It feels huge! Having played all the previous games where the training has got bigger and bigger, this is definitely the most comprehensive yet, and is actually quite overwhelming. This is because it’s new, it’s big, and I’ve only played the game for a few hours so far. It will take a while to get to grips with, and familiarise myself with the aspects of training.

Luckily you can hand over the training to your assistant manager (fully or in part), which is what I have done until I get to grips with it…It’s a hard enough task taking the helm at Newcastle to begin with!

FM19 Tactics Screen - Newcastle


The other biggest change is the tactics. Like training, tactics is massively comprehensive. You pick a tactical style, with 11 presets to choose from to make life easier, or completely create your own. Choosing one of the presets is quite easy, and you can fine tune or change aspects to suit your own style.

The tactics of old have been changed, and now split into 3 parts; In possession, in transition and out of possession. It’s easy to use and helps you set up your play much better when you want to decide how to play when you’re in and out of possession.

VAR In Football Manager 19


VAR is here! It happened in one of my games I played, so I took a screenshot you can see above. VAR is only in the matches where the competition uses the technology. I was playing the league cup, scored a goal and it went to VAR. It was a goal as VAR showed. This is a nice little addition which brings more realism to the game.

3D Match Engine Improved

Sports Interactive and everyone at FM always talk about how they improve the 3D match engine, year on year. A lot of the time it’s hard to notice the difference. I recall last year the game was unplayable for me, I had to wait for a patch it was that bad.

In FM19 the game play feels just that little bit smoother, it feels more fluid, and above everything else, it works.

The Official Bundesliga

The German leagues are licensed! So all the real team names, badges, colours, kits and players photos are in the game, for the first time in FM. This is a little change which is a welcomed edition, I always run with the German league playing, and in FM18 played a few seasons as Dortmund, so I am happy to see this addition.

Training Ratings In FM19 In The Inbox

Training Ratings

Have training ratings always been in the game? I’ve not noticed, so I guess they’re new, and they’re very prominent. You can get updates of how training is going in your inbox, including who’s trained well, and who hasn’t.

If someone is impressing in training, or slacking, it’s now easier to see, so you could reward them by picking them, drop them or even interact by praising or criticising them. This is a feature I really love.

Everything Else

There’s tons of little updates, small refinements, tweaks and just more of everything you’ll like. The small interface changes and little changes don’t go unnoticed, adding to the experience.


Football Manager 2019 is a huge, massively comprehensive football management sim, but that’s what we’ve always come to expect. As you can sense from this review, the biggest change is that the game itself feels a lot bigger, thanks to the training and tactics becoming a bigger factor.

The fun and addictiveness essence remains, and is once again a joy to play, as expected.

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