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Football Manager 2017 – The Review

Monday, 7th November, 2016


It’s that time of year again!

Football Manager 2017 was released on Friday 4th November, and over the weekend I spent some time…Actually quite a bit of time playing the latest release.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my blog, it’s a game I love, and one I’ve played since around 1994. Back then it was Championship Manager on the Amiga, playing virtually full seasons over a couple of nights with friends, it was legendary, and since then it’s got bigger and bigger and went on to become Football Manager. The 2017 version is a bit of the same as last years, with a couple of new things added, tweaks and of course fully updated for the current season.

What’s New That You’ll Actually Notice Straight Away

Well they always say they improve the match engine, the 3D modelling and enhancements like that, but that’s always something you don’t really notice as a stand out thing, although it’s always good to see smaller enhancements and improvements, and it does look a bit better and smoother.

When you start up the game you can set up how you’d like to manage, before you even pick your team. That includes responsibilities such as who handles team talks, press conferences etc. and I think it’s a good addition to move this here, where you can quickly see how you’d like to manager your game before even starting.


Another new addition is the face generation. You take a pic of yourself, pinpoint a few features and it comes up with your generated face. Is it any good? You tell me! I am not quite sure 😛

The Inbox now has more detailed things inside, many of which were already part of the game, but were a bit harder to get to. Things like assistant manager tips for what they think you should do in terms of tactics for the upcoming game, and far more in depth analysis of your opponents, including  heat maps. There’s also a new social element too, you can see what’s going on in your football world in the social feeds, including what your fans are talking about.

There’s new staff roles, which means you have more staff to look after and control, depending on how you play your game you may like this or may not. That includes sport scientists and data analysts, overall it means more to do in the staffing areas.



More Data, Stats And Information

As mentioned above, one thing you’ll notice is that you’re given much more data, stats and information when you play. Since this is used so much more in football these days, even when you’re just watching it on TV, there’s a stat for everything. This is now built into the game much more than before, which gives the game some more depth and realism, but does slow it down quite a bit. It could be something which needs to be made more familiar, so after playing for more hours/days it will feel like second nature, however at first it can seem a bit of an overload.

FM17 Bugs

Are these bugs, or part of the game? First of all, my game would only play in 2D, and not 3D. I could not figure out why the option for 3D was shaded out and I could not select it, and even re-installed graphics drivers. Then a QA from the game pointed out a check box which was unticked. Woops! 😀 I don’t recall unticking it (why would I), and since I run a NVIDIA GeForce 970GTX I think my graphics card may be just about good enough 😉

Next up was the scouting screen, aka the transfers screen where you go to buy/loan players. The columns which were there by default were only the players name, position and some stats. There were no club, nationality or value columns there by default, obviously main ones which you’d want (especially value!) so I had to insert those manually which is not the end of the world, but a pain nevertheless.


There’s No Lines On The Pitch! – After opening up my save I played a game, and there were no lines on the pitch! This looked really weird, I continued to play, had another match and it was the same. I restarted the game (and my PC) and thankfully it went back to normal.

Football Manager 2017 And Licencing

It’s no secret that licencing in general is a minefield, this is true in football games like FIFA and Pro Evo, and it’s no different with Football Manager. If you’ve played every version like I have, you’ll know it’s quite common, but it appears to have been better in the previous several games. However for FM17 they don’t have the rights to the Spanish leagues, which means you’ll see team names such as Atletico Pamplona, which I had to Google, and it’s Osasuna, as well as other teams such as Real Hispalis (Betis), Real San Sebastian (Real Sociedad) and others.

The Brazilian league looks a lot worse, with all teams being replaced with three initials, FLA being Flamengo for example. There’s already unofficial patches and add-ons which makes everything right, but it’s a bit sad when the most realistic football manager sims doesn’t have real, authentic teams. It kind of makes you wonder and worry where licencing is going.




If you liked the previous versions, then of course you’ll like this one. There’s been a couple of bad points highlighted above, and if bugs are fixed and don’t occur in the future, this should be a good version of Football Manager. I’ve never usually added in other’s mods and extras such as faces and “real competition names”, but it appears for this one I may have to, just to get back to a level of authenticity which I’m used to, with a load more including the face packs and the other additions which are made by the Football Manager community.




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