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Football Manager 2014 – Out 31st October 2013

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Saturday, 14th September, 2013


Football Manager 2014 has been announced for a release of 31st October 2013. This is a day earlier than a game usually comes out in the UK, and is precisely available at 00:00.01 i.e. just after Wednesday midnight (Thursday). It’s available to download from Steam, or you can buy the game on disk as I do each year, however you do still need an internet connection as you have since 2012. Sports Interactive claim FM14 has 1000 features or improvements over last years game. Some of these include:

  • Improved Match Engine
  • More realistic transfers and contracts
  • Improved interaction with players, staff and media
  • Enhanced user interface
  • More sophisticated board interaction
  • Tactical overhaul

It is also the first game in the series which officially supports Linux, so you can play via a PC, Mac or Linux box, and a PS Vita version is also on the way.

Saving in the cloud, and cross-compatible gaming

One of the biggest features depending on how you play your game could be the ability to save your game “in the cloud” with cross-compatibility. This means you can play your game on a PC, save it, then access your save and continue where you left off from wherever you are in the world, on any machine whether it be a PC, Mac or running Linux.

FM Classic: Take your game with you from PC to PS VITA

Another feature which will allow you to play wherever you are is the ability to play your game (Football Manager Classic aka FMC) on your PC and continue the game wherever you are on your PS Vita. FMC has also been improved, and you can now play in more than 3 nations as you were previously allowed to.

The digital download on Steam is currently £34.99 and the box version on Amazon is £30.

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