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FMdB Football Scout App By Football Manager Review

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Sunday, 17th June, 2018

FMdB - Football Manager Database App Review

The Football Manager team is bringing real life football and FM another step closer with the release of FMdB Football Scout – The biggest football database which you can now have in your pocket, with access at the touch of a button.

The real world of football and the game Football Manager (and back in the day Championship Manager) have often been blurred for fans; It’s not just a football management game, it’s THE football manager game, and has been since I was a kid. It’s taken a further step going from a game to the real world with FMdB. This harnesses the power of the Football Manager database in the form of an app, and puts the huge football world in your pocket.

I was excited when I read about this which was only a few days ago, so I decided to download it as it seems like something which I will like.

For some background about it; It’s currently being billed as an app to check up on players in the World Cup; It seems to be the obvious selling point since the World Cup is happening now. It uses the massive database of Football Manager, that’s over 500,000 players which you can search, and get a whole load of information and stats about them. If you love football, are a football geek or just love having all the information and stats at your fingertips, this is for you.

What This Is, And What This Is Not

I think it’s important to note that this is not a game. It’s not exclusively for players of Football Manager, and not an “FM companion” app to go with the game I’ve heard people talk about. This is for real world, real football fans, who want info on virtually every football player in the land at the touch of a button. Whether you’re sitting in the house looking up players, or watching the match with friends wanting to know more about that great player you’ve not heard of, this is the tool for the job. You don’t need this to play FM, it won’t be useful since all the info in the app will be in the game.

For football geeks and nerds as I am, this app is very good, and if you have FM which you probably do, it will be very familiar to you.

FMdB is a must have app for football fans


Currently, you can see an overview which has the current and potential ability of a player, vital info such as name, age, squad number, country, position and strongest role. Then there’s contract info, position info and attributes.

The info tab is home to more detailed information such as age, height, weight, DOB and apps and goal stats. The history tab is self explanitory and has the history data on the player.

The team screen has an overview, top 25 players and an honour tab, to check up on the history of the club.

You can save players in a favourites list for later (like a shortlist), and there’s a share button too.

The home screen has a trending section, major events tab as well as a your club tab, for easy access to the team you support’s players.

How Much Does FMdB Cost? It’s Free – But That Comes With A Price

The app is free to download on iOS and Android, but be warned – The free version is terrible! It limits the information you can see, and you see ads all to quickly. Not only do you see the ads, you have to view them in their entirety; This could be a 30 second video every time you’ve looked at 10 players or so. The User experience of the free version is terrible. Honestly, it’s so shocking and bad it’s unbelievable.

With that said, if you have no intention of paying for this, and you don’t have the patience of a saint, you’ll grow to hate this very quickly. I think it’s best to see the free version as a “Try before you buy” kind of deal. If you like it, pay, and if you don’t you’re probably better off deleting it.

I hate subscription based payment models, and that is what this uses. Fortunately this is not too expensive; 99p per month, £1.99 for 3 months, and a very reasonable £4.99 for a year.

It Is Worth It?

I think £4.99 for a year is worth it if you’re a football geek, and hopefully the app will grow with enhancements and improvements if enough people use it. I haven’t paid for this just yet, but given a little bit of time, I probably will (in fact I probably have by the time I’ve written this review!)

FMdB for fans of stats and football

The Future – Limitless Possibilities!

As real as Football Manager is for us players, it’s still a game, but FMdB has the chance of getting you that much closer to the football world in real life. If there’s continual development of the app, enhancements and improvements, and it’s given a real chance, time and work put into it, it could be THE app for hardcore football fans, as the FM game is for football gamers.

It can work for casual footy fans too – Down the pub with your mates watching the match and want to know about one of the opposition’s players? Break out the app, type in his name, and you’ll know everything about him.

It is almost a real life scouting app, at a proper professional level. Real clubs already use the database, and have done for years, and now we all have that power in our hands, and can find the next wonder kid from Brazil, then check out some clips of him on YouTube to see if he’s any good. You can almost live the life of a proper scout!

Additions – What I’d Like To See

The biggest addition which I’d like to see which isn’t present is transfer information. I’m talking about transfer rumours and gossip when players are linked to clubs. This could be hard, but I think it would almost complete this app as the scouting app that it is. If I could go to Newcastle and see the players we’re linked with, or to a player and see clubs he’s been linked with, that would be huge!

A transfers screen would be good too, to see the latest transfers which have happened; Who has gone where and for how much.

Live Updates (On The Fly)

I think for this app to be as successful as I would hope it could be, live, on the fly updates need to happen. If a player moves clubs then it should be instant, all the relevant information should be updated. It shouldn’t need a “hard” update, e.g. you have to download the latest version for changes.

I am not sure how FMdB handles such updates, I reached out to Football Manager via Twitter with the questions, and they told me some update would happen on the fly as we’d all like, and some would require an update. I would imagine the biggest ones can happen live, with smaller ones needing the update, which could be a good compromise if that’s how it will work.


I love the idea of the app, having tried the free version out I love it (apart from the mentioned ads), and I can see myself using this a lot. In the words of FM, this is a hot prospect.  Please do not judge it on the ads, as mentioned I see this as a paid app with a “free preview” kind of mode. Looking at the bigger picture, I can see everyone using this a lot, and if it gets the care and development it deserves, it could be absolutely huge.

It would be good to hear what the plans are for FMdB Football Scout: Is this a long term project or just something short term? Hopefully it’s only the beginning of something great.

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