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Finally Watched Diary Of A Teenage Girl DVD

Sunday, 14th August, 2016

diary of a teenage girl review

I got Diary Of A Teenage Girl on DVD ages ago, and I have finally had time to sit down and watch it. I love coming of age films, I write about them all the time here on the blog, and love films like American Pie, Dazed And Confused, Porky’s, Boyhood…The list is quite a long one 😀 I heard about this film and it sounded decent, so decided to get it.

The film is set in 1976, and is basically about a girl (Minnie) who starts a relationship with her mother’s boyfriend, and has loses her virginity to him at 15 years old. She likes to draw and is an aspiring cartoonist, and is exploring her sexuality and generally exploring life, taking drugs and growing up as a teen in the 70’s. I don’t want to write too much and include any spoilers 😛

Overall I liked the film, it’s a good watch and I could definitely watch it again, but I don’t think I’ll love it as much as the other coming of age films which I’ve mentioned which I think are incredible and timeless. Maybe I will watch it a few more times and grow to love it.

It has sex scenes and drug use which got the film an 18 certificate, something most films don’t get these days.


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