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Finally Got My Marni At H&M Things

Friday, 16th March, 2012

Today I finally received my Marni at H&M items I ordered last Thursday. I thought they would have came yesterday, when I order off H&M it usually comes exactly a week later, but it came today instead, no big deal.

I got a t-shirt and pair of sunglasses, here they are:



Both items carry the “Made in China” label, which really takes some of the shine off this since it’s supposed to be a “designer” collection; I suppose you can’t expect too much at the prices they were charging. The t-shirt feels like good material, quite a thick tee, and is a cool design. 25% of the sale price goes to the Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Japan which is cool.

The sunglasses are OK, they come in a box and carry pouch. Only the fronts are painted black and the insides of the frame are a cream/green colour. They are a gradient lens, but look pretty nice quality; Not going to give Ray Ban a run for their money, but not bad for £20.

Both items were £19.99 each, and I am pretty happy with them.





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