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Film Night – What We Did On Our Holiday

Monday, 16th March, 2015


Quite a while ago I picked up the film What We Did On Our Holiday along with some other films like Boyhood, The Equalizer and Lucy on Blu Ray. I am not quite sure why I actually got this film, I think it’s because I liked the sound of it (Holiday in the title can only be good right?) and needed some films to watch so got this with the rest of them. After actually reading the back, I sort of dreaded sitting down and watching it, it did not really sounds very good.

It was actually an OK watch. It’s quite a bizarre film, said to be a comedy. It sees your regular family who have separated parents Doug and Abi (played by David Tennant and Rosamund Pike) living in London make a trip up to Scotland to see his dad, Gordie (played by Billy Connolly) for his birthday party. He has cancer, so it may be his last one, and the parents have failed to tell him that they are now separated, and don’t want to tell him as he is dying of cancer and it could be his last birthday. Despite a terrible car journey they make it to Scotland and get to Doug’s rich brother’s (Gavin) Mansion with their kids.

Gordie takes his grandkids to the beach alone, and then dies on the beach. He told the kids before he died that he’d love a Viking burial without any fuss or fighting, so when he dies the kids have an idea that they should give them that. They build a raft, set it on fire then float it out to the sea. It’s a pretty strange thing considering that the three kids are really young and have just seen their granddad die.

They finally get home where the party is getting underway which is a huge event with lots of people, and tell their parents what happened, to their shock. The police, child protection and media circus come, and the film ends with Doug and Gavin holding a memorial for Gordie on the beach with all their family and friends.

It’s a watchable film, and does have it’s funny parts, and all the cast are good, especially Billy Connolly and David Tennant, and the kids steal the show as you’d expect.  However I don’t think it will be one I will be watching this one again in a hurry.


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