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Film Night: Footloose

Sunday, 22nd October, 2017

Footloose For Film Night

This week for my film night I went a bit old school and watched Footloose!

I hadn’t seen it before, only about 15 minutes of the film previously for one reason or another. I didn’t really know what it was about, other than something to do with music. It is quite a good story, about a kid called Ren played by Kevin Bacon who comes from “the big city” Chicago and moves to a small rural town where he discovers that the new place he’s living isn’t so liberal and has conservative laws, including a ban on rock and roll music and dancing.

He makes friends with Willard at school who is played by Chris Penn and probably the best character in the film. He notices a girl he previously seen, Ariel, who is living like a rebellious teen and has a bully and abusive boyfriend, and is also the daughter of the strict reverend of the local church, who’s against the music and dancing. Ren gets a job, and then rallies the other students to get them to agree that they need a senior prom and get the no dancing and music ban lifted, with plenty more going on in the film.

Overall I think that it’s a good film. There isn’t much in the way of dancing, it’s not much of a musical in the same sense as Dirty Dancing or Grease which you may expect, it’s more of a story about the city kid going to a small town, another coming of age style film. There are a couple of unbelievable scenes, such as Ariel getting hit by her boyfriend and nobody doing anything about it, and the fight scene at the end where the boys get beat up a bit, but then seem unscathed, which isn’t very believable, but it’s only a film, and it is from the 80s! 😀 It is a good watch, it’s not going to be my favourite film, but still watchable.

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