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Monday, 15th December, 2014

Film Night – Bad Neighbours


Last night I watched Bad Neighbours which stars Seth Rogan, Rose Byrne and Zac Effron. It’s basically about a new couple with a baby who’ve settled down and are now getting used to old people life of a boring job and parenthood. Just as they’re trying to get on with their respectable lives the house next door, which is un-occupied gets taken over by a fraternity. They party with them for the first night, but then they realise they are getting a bit too old, and reality sets in, and they realise that they have to get rid of them, even though they’ve promised not to call the cops on them. The story unfolds from there 😀

One of the funniest bits from it is their “Robert De Niro” day, and the frat dress up like Robert De Niro from different films, with the black guy dressing up like Samuel L Jackson; They say lines from different films and get them hilariously wrong :mrgreen:

It has a slow start, but it is a good film, watchable and in fact I would definitely watch it again, soon!


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