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FIFA 17 First Review

Saturday, 1st October, 2016


What a great weekend it’s going to be!

As you’ll probably already know, FIFA 17 officially got released on Thursday, and I’ve finally had some time to sit down and play it for a little while over the past couple of days, and I have to say, I really like it!


First of all, not too much has changed, and that’s not a bad thing. You’ll always get reviews and reviewers who’ll say “It’s just the same as the last one”, it’s the most common complaint in any franchise games; Whether it’s FIFA, Football Manager, Forza or Call of Duty, it’s always the same people making the same complaints. As with all of these games, you’re not going to get a ground breaking, brand new, completely different game, and that’s not bad since the previous version was already good.

The gameplay has been refined, as it always seems to do year on year. All aspects of the general gameplay seems to have slightly changed, from the passing and shooting to the tackling, there’s the familiarly to the whole experience, with ever so slight improvements.

Set pieces have changed dramatically. For corners you’ve got a really old style yellow cross-hair type of aiming system, and can control off the ball players, and penalties are now much harder, being able to change your run-up and having a more precise aiming mechanism.


I have to say that the visuals seem to look better and better all the time, and once again FIFA 17 has the brilliant visuals to compliment the gameplay. One thing I noticed was the depth of the graphics, and especially the lighting and shadows in the game, they were so good they were noticeable, especially since the new journey mode slows down your gameplay and is as much about a story where close up graphics are important, more on that below.

The Journey

EA Sports have introduced a new mode to the game called The Journey. Basically, it’s a one player story mode which you play offline, where you take one player, Alex Hunter, a youth player, from trials all the way to a Premier League team.

When I first heard about this mode I thought, “This will be a novelty, I’ll never play it”. Lots of people play FIFA online, so many play Ultimate Team (FUT), but me, I am old school, and usually only play offline in the typical way, with various teams.

Since it’s a new mode I thought I’d give it a go and see what it’s like, and in one word…BRILLIANT! When you start playing it, it feels so good to play, it feels like it’s been missing from every football game since the dawn of time. What a fantastic idea this is, that you can run a career not as a manager, but from a player’s perspective. You can decide whether or not you’d like to control the whole team, just as you would in a usual match, or just one player (Hunter) which I’ve never liked, because I prefer playing the game.

So you start with some exit trials, and go with your “childhood friend” and if you do well you’ll both make it. You get to choose a team to sign for, obviously with the bigger teams being harder to break into, so you can choose a lesser team which will get you more game time at the start, with their expectations being lower. It’s judged on your own skill level, I signed for Middlesbrough who needed a skill of 65 to start and 55 for the bench, with a skill of 61 I make it to the bench. Throughout the season you do training as you would in real life, and can improve your skill. If you get on during the game (or start in the pre-season friendlies) you can impress the manager by playing well, scoring goals, assisting or winning/drawing games.

You interact with other players, teammates, staff and the media, and have three options for answers which are categorised as Fiery, Balanced and Cool. The different responses have an effect on Alex, his style and personality and how he gets on with the manager and others in the game.

This new mode is so addictive, it’s gives you something which a game like Football Manager has always had…”Just one more game, honest”. An hour later, you’re still playing with the “Just one more game” thoughts. It’s so good to have a brilliant, single player mode. In an era where games seem to be about online play and selling DLC and addons, this takes things back to being able to play a really good game on your own.

My Journey So Far

So I’ll give you a small update on my journey so far. Before you start you have to pick your favourite Premier League team. Since Newcastle are not in it, I picked Arsenal. I thought this meant that I had to start with Arsenal, but that’s not how it works. I went through the exit trials, and then could sign for any Premier League club. As mentioned above, I chose Middlesbrough because it’s easier to get into the team, and if I play this for a while it will feel like a proper journey (Hopefully I can move on to a bigger team, as per a usual journey for a footballer).

You go and do some pre-season games, I went to America. I got off the bench in the first game, and started the second, and was on the bench again in the third. I scored in one of the games, which was a highlight. Negredo got injured as part of the storyline, so there’s a place up for grabs up front…

In the first Premier League game of the season I came off the bench and scored!! Then Middlesbrough signed Harry Kane, so I came off the bench in a couple of games. Then I got called into the manager’s office, who told me he wanted to send me out on loan. I could pick from three clubs, and one was Newcastle, so I obviously picked them. In my first game I came off the bench and scored again! Two debut goals which is really good! In training I have done well, and for the last 2 or 3 games I have started, but the games have not gone too well for Newcastle or Alex Hunter in general.


There’s no doubt that The Journey has added a brand new dimension to the game. I have only just began playing, and I’m already hooked on it, and want to see what’s coming next.



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