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FIFA 14 World Cup Update For Xbox One

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Sunday, 1st June, 2014

fifa world cup update for xbox one

EA Sports announced a while ago that their FIFA World Cup edition game would not be making its way onto the new generation of consoles, which made me a tad sad. I have resisted the World Cup and Euro games from previous years, the last one I got was in 2006, but this year I was going to get one. EA said they would make additional content available for XBOX One and PS4 owners, and with their latest update, they have.

I definitely have World Cup fever already, and I can’t wait for it! So I was pleasantly surprised when I decided to load up FIFA and found there was a 500+mb update to download, and it was the World Cup update.

The update features a lot of new visuals, including stadiums, new kits and on screen graphics. It does look the part, and is really nice addition. The squads have also been given a makeover, however lots of the players are incorrect, for example Diego Costa is not in the Spain squad whereas lots of players who did not make their final 30 are in the game, as well as Andros Townsend and other England players being in the England team who are not going to the World Cup. The squads need a bit of work.

All 32 teams are represented, however the update is limited to only playing a friendly game between two nations, there is no proper World Cup mode, and you can’t create a cup competition to replicate the World Cup. There is a challenge mode which will be unlocked when the World Cup begins on 12th June.

All in all I think it’s a nice little update, it would be good to be able to create a cup competition, but as this is a free update there is not much to complain about. Visually it looks great, World Cup stadia, kits and players, it gets you in the mood for the summer. It certainly makes the wait for the World Cup a lot more bearable :p

see FIFA, Spain don't need a white kit!

Spain vs Netherlands; Red vs Blue. Something you won’t see in the World Cup this year thanks to FIFA 😉


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