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Father’s Day 2015 Gift Guide

Sunday, 14th June, 2015


Are you prepared for Sunday 21st June? It’s my birthday! :mrgreen: It is also father’s day, and you may not be buying me a gift, but you’ll probably want to get your dad a present for father’s day. What to get? I have a few suggestions of all different price ranges as well as covering an array of things, I’m sure there’s something here which your dad will love…If not everything 😉

Films are always a good idea, one of the new releases is American Sniper which looks amazing, I will be watching and featuring it soon on the blog, so I have to include it here. Another is a “25th anniversary edition” of Goodfellas, one of my favourite all time films and loved by most. These cost around £15 each on blu ray, or a tenner on DVD. Try buying from Amazon.

If it’s a scent you’re looking to get the old man then one of the most universal out there is the classic Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss. It’s a good all rounder, and if he doesn’t already have it get him it and he’ll love it. Prices vary depending on where you get it from and the size bottle you get, it will cost around £30 – £50. Get it in any store, or direct from Hugo Boss

Socks are the stereotypical gift for father’s day, but they don’t have to be boring. Happy Socks have a four-pair gift pack available for £25 which are sure to brighten up your dad’s look for the summer.

Selfridges have their gift of choice for dad’s who need a bit of male grooming. This is not a make-up bag has £120 worth of goodies for only £35! Be quick, this is limited edition. It includes: Scaramouche and Fandango Shampoo 200ml, AB Crew Nitro Conditioner, Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq 50ml, Clarins Men Active Face Wash 30ml, Kielhs Facial Fuel Deluxe Moisturiser 15ml, Triumph and Disaster A+R Soap, Recipe for Men Sensitive Shaving Foam, Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream 180ml, Billy Jealousy Beard Control all in a Alphabet Wash Bag.

A Bluetooth speaker is an essential item these days. Gone are the day’s of Hi-Fi’s, we all have portable devices with all our music and all we need is a portable, wireless speaker. One inexpensive speaker which is getting rave reviews is the Anker portable Bluetooth speaker. With an impressive 20 hours playback time and a rechargeable battery and 4W power, it’s a tiny speaker with a lot of power. You can pick one up for around £24 which is a real bargain.

Summer is finally here, so you may want to get the old man a trendy pair of sunglasses to keep him in fashion. The most iconic brand out there is Ray Ban, so why not get him a pair. They may be a little pricy for a small father’s day gift, but they will last for many summers to come and will not go out of fashion. Expect to pay around £125 for a pair of these, with a huge variety available to choose from.


What if you love your dad a lot and want to splash out, or if you’re rich, or if you just want that one super cool luxury item for him? Here’s a couple of suggestions for you if you’re feeling flush with your cash! 😉

Premium aftershaves are great, one I can personally recommend is Creed Aventus. It’s actually an EDP, so is very strong and you don’t need to use as much as a regular EDT which most men’s fragrances are these days. It does come at a price, the cost is £95 for 30ml, up to £310 for a 250ml bottle.

If your dad likes a drop of scotch then Johnny Walker Blue Label is one of the best premium ones out there. It’s iconic, comes complete in a presentation box and will be the bottle for him to get out on special occasions. The cost for this whisky is around £130 a bottle.

If you feel like celebrating and want some champagne then I have to pick out Cristal. Yes it’s famed as the hip hop drink of choice, but it’s actually really good, and for the price, it should be! You’ll pay around £130 a bottle for this.

If your dad is a bit of an action man, or just likes gadgets then something you may want to consider is a GoPro, but not any model, you’ll want the new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition. With 4K video recording at 30fps or HD recording at 120fps, it’s the camcorder of choice for everything, especially any kind of action or adventure. Expect to pay around £340 for one.

Keep your dad in style with a beautiful, minimal looking watch from Larsson And Jennings. They are Swiss made and are simply gorgeous. My favourite are the Läder collection, a 40mm case, leather strap and minimal looks. These come in at £215 and you can get yours.

The ultimate boys toy for 2015 is a drone. These quadcopters are so cool, but there’s one model which outshines them all and is seriously cool. You may want to check out the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ which I think is the ultimate in what a quadcopter is. A super cool professional looking controller is accompanied by your iPhone for video, the drone has a 1080p HD camera on board, as well as having it’s own GPS on board. This means you don’t even need to be able to fly it, you can set a flight path in the maps app and it will fly that route! 😀 All of this super cool tech does come at a hefty price, and it will set you back around £800-900.

I hope both guides give you some inspiration and ideas on what to get your dad for father’s day this year.

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