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Fashion & Lifestyle News: Black Friday 2020 Edition

Fashion & Lifestyle News
Friday, 27th November, 2020

The Best Black Friday Deals For Fashion 2020

Who’s been buying things already for Black Friday?

Black Friday officially starts today, but many places have already had sales on all week long. It’s supposed to be a one-day sale, but online there’s also Cyber Monday, so sales usually carry over from now until Monday.

Sales may continue, but these are the best deals I’ve found for Black Friday 2020, for fashion and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something for someone or even yourself, here’s some of the good deals I’ve spotted.


END – 20% OFF

END clothing have a 20% sale on. If you’re after designer clothing, especially street wear, it’s the place to go.

There’s plenty available, if you’re after getting a shearling jacket, they have plenty. You’ll get 20% off before Christmas.

Check them out here.

MR Porter – Up To 30% Off

MR Porter have 30% off in their Black Friday offerings. When it comes to MR Porter, it’s the menswear site to go to if you’re after luxury clothes.

I can recommend them for investment pieces such as a Winter coat or new pair of quality shoes.

Check them out here.

H&M 20% Off

If you are a H&M member you get 20% off everything. Not a member? No need to worry, all you need to do is sign up as you would if you were buying any of their wears.

When it comes to H&M, you can grab a bargain with their clothes being reasonably priced. They also offer premium basics which is what I look for at H&M. Very good quality at a good price.

My top picks from H&M are the shearling jackets, roll necks and overcoats.

Check out H&M here.

Selfridges – Up To 20% Off

When it comes to something special, Selfridges is one of the places to go. They have up to 20% off on their site.

If you love to bargain hunt and have a really good browse around, it’s the site to go to. Fragrances, clothes and luxury gifts.

Check out Selfridges.

Harvey Nichols – Up To 40% Off

Harvey Nichols are having their sale in what they call Cyber Week. Checking out their site they have a lot of great deals, offering up to 40% off various menswear.

If you’re looking for high end clothes, you’ve got to check out what they have. If you’re not afraid of spending a small fortune, there’s plenty to have.

Check out Harvey Nichols here.

There’s plenty of other menswear shops online which will be doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Fragrances At John Lewis

When it comes to smelling good, you know I love my scents. I have tons of fragrances, and I’m always looking to add to my collection.

One of the best places for deals along with good service is John Lewis. They have lots in the sale, with various discounts. Newer scents such as Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Perfum and older favourites too.

If you’re after expensive parfums it’s the place to go too. At the moment there’s a deal on Creed Aventus, a favourite of many. If you’ve been looking to get some yourself or buying as a gift, now’s the time to get it.

Check out all their deals here.


You can’t go wrong with Amazon. If you’re after any kind of tech, it’s the place to go. Everything from consoles and computers to basically any kind of electronics, they’ve got it.

Some of the best things I’ve seen have been the new Watch Dogs Legion game for only Β£35, and plenty of hard drives for backing up files. You can never have too many backups!

You know the site, it’s Amazon.co.uk

And there you have it, my favourite Black Friday deals I’ve found around the web for guys. Remember you should shop around, and only buy what you actually want or need. Otherwise you’re just wasting money πŸ˜‰

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