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Farewell MSN Messenger, A Sad Day For The Internet

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Monday, 8th April, 2013


Today is a sad day, it’s a day which will live on in many people’s memories, today is the day we have all lost something great, something truly meaningful, and something which we have all loved dearly. I am truly saddened and heartbroken that this day has come, but I suppose that it’s something which we know has to happen sooner or later, and today is the day where we say farewell to one of the greatest memories of the Internet, MSN Messenger.

R.I.P Messenger 🙁

Today is 8th April 2013, the date Microsoft tell us Messenger will be up there in geek heaven, we’ll no longer be able to use it, and have to move to Skype 🙁

Oh how I remember talking to so many people on Messenger, friends, people I hardly knew, randoms, it was back in the days where the Internet was fun. There were other messengers out there, and I did love ICQ, but MSN Messenger was the one which everyone used when the Internet gained in popularity, everyone used the phrase “I’ll MSN you later”, aaah those were the days :mrgreen: I remember many a time I would have conversations back in my college days to people all night, and when I say all night I mean from night until the next morning, it was such fun.

Instant messaging is the thing which made popular acronyms like LOL, ROFL, LMFAO and basically every other acronym out there which it brought from the chatrooms. Conversations with one person or a group of friends, sending each other photos, sounds, clips; From 1999 until around 2005 it was popular, and now of course that and many other old school Internet things have died out, in favor of social media. I do like social media, but it now seems way too serious, back in the day people used to talk to each other for fun, now they only talk to the same people they see everyday, or stalk the people they used to go to school with to make their Facebook friends list look massive and pretend they actually have 600 close friends. It doesn’t sound very sociable to me.

I do sort of feel sorry for the kids and the like who have only discovered the Internet in recent times, I am really glad I was part of the ICQ/MSN Messenger era because it was so much fun at 15-18. Farewell my old friend.

Messenger will forever be in my heart! 😉

If you were on my MSN Messenger list please feel free to add me to Skype.

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