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F1 2017 For Xbox One – First Thoughts – Review

Monday, 28th August, 2017

F1 2017 Game Review For Xbox One

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

I hope you’re having a good one. F1 2017 the game was released on Friday, and I got it. It’s the first F1 game I’ve got since around 2012, this is the first one I’ve bought for this generation of consoles, with the last one being F1 2012 on the XBOX 360. I was looking forward to seeing the great graphics, but more importantly, good gameplay.

For racing games I like a mix of great simulation and realism, but with a bit of easy-arcade type of action. I remember playing the older 2012 and 2011 F1 games and thought they were pretty hard to play; They seemed really quick, and were just quite difficult to control the cars. I have to say I don’t play racing games all too often, so that probably comes into account, and I’m sure I’d be better if I gave them more time, like I did when I was a teen. So for this game I was looking at it to be something you could dive into and play, and not be too difficult.

I started it up and had a couple of races, and it was really fun, and seemed to have the balance of fun and difficult balanced out well. One of the races was a wet race, and it was good to race around and not fly off the track. I could probably turn up the difficulty, but I don’t think I will be doing that, as I doubt I can dedicate enough time to master the game.

I had a go with the classic cars too, and they play so differently to the modern day cars in the game. They feel much slower and less responsive, so it’s strange when you switch between the cars.

I have started the career mode and took the challenge with McLaren, probably not the best idea if you want to win races. I thought it would give me a better chance of having wheel to wheel action, rather than being right at the back or front, where I find it gets boring. For the career mode so far it’s great, but I think some parts go on for too long, which is practise. It seems like you can’t shorten this or turn it off, and it’s there so you can get a real experience of an F1 weekend; Running tests on things like tyre wear, qualifying and race simulations and so on, it’s a really good idea if you have the time for it, and adds something to the game. There’s 3 practises which takes so much time up! I just want to run qualifying and the race, but it appears you can’t (I could be wrong). Then you do qualifying which you can shorten, but I’d rather do the full thing, and then finally the race, which I have set to 25% full distance.

It’s been a good game so far, and I like it a lot. The worst part of the game is the same as what I’ve found in previous versions, it’s the decisions to make while in the car. Using the controller for driving, you have to also make calls such as turning the fuel up or down, and making other changes, talking to the team etc. It’s really hard to do this with the controller while driving the car which is tricky, all at the same time.

Overall I enjoy the game, hopefully I will play it more and more. I bought it as something casual to play, so we’ll see how it goes. If you like F1 and want a racing game, then it’s obvious, you should get it πŸ™‚

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  1. Matt Said,

    Great review! Was thinking about picking this up on payday.


    posted on Monday 28th August, 2017 at 10:36