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Friday, 22nd August, 2014

eyefi mobi card review

EyeFi memory cards have been around for a hell of a long time, but in the early days they never really caught the imagination of many photographers. In the early days you would connect your camera to your computer without the need of your cable, transferring your images via WIFI. This had limited appeal, all it provided was a wireless way to transfer your pictures, and you’d have to be at your PC, so you’d probably have your USB cable handy.

We all love to share pictures, but we’ve been limited to the quality of our camera phones for sharing across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram. The quality is pretty good, but it’s probably nowhere near the quality of your digital camera, especially if you happen to be using a DSLR. A few cameras come with built in WIFI, but most older ones don’t, and even many of newer models don’t either. The new Eyefi Mobi cards changes all of that. It’s a super fast, class 10 SDHC card which works the same way as a regular card, but can also act as a WIFI hotspot, from which you can connect your phone or tablet device to, and transfer pictures straight from the card which sits in your camera, to your phone or tablet device.


  • Class 10 SDHC performance
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for photo & video transfer from camera to mobile device
  • Range: Outdoors, 90 feet (27.4m), Indoors: 45 feet (13.7m)
  • 8GB SDHC Memory (up to 4000 photos or 3 hours of video)
  • Wi-Fi transfer image support: JPEG
  • Wi-Fi transfer video support (under 2GB per file): .mpg, .mov, .flv, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, .mts, .m4v, .3gp
  • Read/Write support: All file types, Including RAW
  • Latest security standards
  • Power: Advanced power management optimizes use of camera battery

Using the EyeFi Mobi

I have used this card and it’s very simple to set up and use. I tried it with my Canon 600D and it works easily. After inserting the card you have to go to the menu, a new item appears for you to turn on the EyeFi card WIFI. You can shoot some pictures and then you’re ready to send them to your phone. Download the free app, and enter your activation code which you’ll have on the box. When you’ve got that go into your phones settings and connect to the EyeFi card, and when you go into the app it will send the pictures to it automatically. If you keep your phone connected to the camera, every time you take a picture it will send it to your phone, which is pretty cool and useful if you’re out and about taking pictures on your DSLR and don’t want to worry about copying them over later on to share on Instagram.


Unfortunately the limitations seem to be you MUST transfer every picture, you cannot pick and choose. It will transfer all the pictures in the app, then you can manually select which ones you want to add to your photo roll. This will be annoying if you take hundreds of pictures but you only want to send a few dozen to your phone, you’ll have to wait for every single shot to be transferred. Once they are on the device that is that; Which means you can’t send them to multiple devices or send some at a different point in time (for instance share some today on your iPhone and the same on your iPad).


It’s a great device to have if you want high capacity and performance in your SDHC card, it has the same class 10 performance as any other quality memory card, with the added extra of a no-hassle WIFI option which can stream your pictures straight to your mobile device without you having to worry about it.

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