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Eurovision 2014 – The Overall Televoting Results – Winners And Losers

Monday, 12th May, 2014

eurovision 2014 - who won the tele voting

As you may or may not know, these days Eurovision is made up of votes from 2 different places; There is tele-voting, also known as the popular vote, which is the traditional viewers voting. This is now combined with a jury vote, an average is taken from the juries and they work that out with the tele-voting to get an overall result from each country. They brought this in a few years ago to try and curb countries voting for their friends. This year Eurovision published how the votes were broken down, so I have calculated all of them, and worked out what would have happened without a jury vote, and only a tele voting system.

And The Winner Is….Austria

The winners of the Eurovision would still be Austria, and the number of points would have actually been a little more.

Winners And Losers Of Jury Voting

The biggest loser would be Poland. They were very popular, and would have placed 5th just behind Sweden, however thanks to the jury they were marked all the way down to 14th. They got 12 points from Ireland, Norway, Ukraine and the UK.

Hungary would have placed 10th, but with the hep of the jury they managed 5th. Finland were also helped to 11th place, who would have otherwise been 17th.

The UK is more un-popular without the help of the juries, ranking 21st.

The system is not fool proof; In Albania and San Marino there was no tele voting, and in Georgia, their jury was allegedly disqualified!

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