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Eurovision 2011 Final Results

Saturday, 14th May, 2011

This is Michael calling from Newcastle………

Well done to Azerbaijan who won the Eurovision 2011 this year! I thought the song was alright, not the best on the night, not by a long shot, but it wasnt the worst either. Last year the West won (Germany) and this year the East was back in charge with the win. The UK did well, getting points off many countries, and finishing with 100 points. It wasnt enough to finish ahead of Jedward, who got a few 12’s and finished ahead of the UK. Seriously, what is Europe doing voting for them?!

Its rather funny that Azerbaijan won, because I thought they should have won last year, I only posted that yesterday with the song from Safura, who also read out the results for Azerbaijan tonight. Last year “Drip Drop” was a far better song than this year.

Poor Sweden almost won it, then were 2nd but were even pipped to the post for that by Italy and came in 3rd.

I did my scorecard again for the final, its fair to say Europe doesnt agree with me! :mrgreen:

I thought the best song on the night was Estonia…It was the girl who looks better than the one from Glee, and I thought that was a really catchy song. I also liked Germany, UK and Sweden, I think they were the best. btw I have no idea what I was doing giving Lithuania all those points, it was near the start so maybe thats why πŸ˜› I did actually like the Italian song, I should have gave it a few more points. Estonia who I liked the best did not do well, I think it was 2nd last :O

Oh well, that’s Eurovision for you, see you next year in Azerbaijan πŸ˜‰

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