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Euro 2020 Will Be A Pan-European Tournament

Friday, 7th December, 2012

Boo @ UEFA and the decision makers!

UEFA announced that the European Championships in 2020, aka Euro 2020 will be staged across Europe. The idea was talked about months ago, and I do not like it. Now it is more than an idea, and it’s (apparently) happening.

UEFA has more than suggested that this may be a one-off thing, to mark the 60th anniversary of the tournament. However it seems to be that money once again has come into play, or more accurately, the lack of it. The other problem was that there were more or less no serious bidders for the tournament, again to do with the money needed to host the event. Only Turkey had a serious bid, who has opposed this idea of moving the Euros around Europe.

There are plenty of countries who are more than capable of hosting Euro 2020, and don’t need any infrastructure or anything like that. The UK/England, Germany, Belgium/Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Italy have all hosted football or major events recently, or have amazing football grounds already, so none would need to be built. The Euro’s would bring in huge money for these economies.

However it seems MR Platini has got his wish, and we shall see the Euros played all over the continent. The English F.A. has already put forward Wembley to host the final.

What could we see?

Well, if they select the stadiums and matches they do a similar way to what they do now, we could see each group play in 2 different cities. 6 Groups, 12 cities, plus maybe additional cities for the knockout stages and final. The group usually plays in cities close to each other to minimize the travel for fans and the teams. So, you could have…

Group A – Wembley, Milennium Stadium (England, Wales)
Group B – Bernabeu, Estádio do Dragão (Spain, Portugal)
Group C – Stade De France, San Siro (France, Italy)
Group D – Amsterdam Arena, King Baudouin Stadium (Netherlands, Belgium)
Group E – Friends Arena, Parken Stadium (Sweden, Denmark)
Group F – Luzhniki Stadium, Olimpiysky National Sports Complex (Russia, Ukraine)

That is 12 stadiums from 12 countries, which leaves room for the knockout stages where others could be introduced e.g. winners of group A play at Old Trafford, winners of group B play at Nou Camp, which would keep the distances close.

Of course we don’t know how many stadiums from each country will be picked, and if it will be even; There are plenty of stadiums which would be great venues in England, but no so many in Belgium.

Who will qualify?

When a host country wins the bid for the Euros, they are automatically entered and don’t need to qualify. If this idea is going ahead then surely that means that everyone will need to qualify, and there will be no automatic places. That may sound fairer, but it will make for a poorer competition.

If we pick Ukraine as a host city, and they don’t have their own team in the competition, why will the people care if there is football there?

Although it sort of sounds cool to have it in all these major cities, I think it will spoil the party atmosphere of having an entire country host the event, having a single country put their unique cultural stamp on the Euros. I think it should be hosted in one or two countries, preferably one.

The atmosphere and spirit will be lost, which is the most important thing.

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