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España = CAMPEONES!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 13th July, 2010


Yes!! Spain did it and won the World Cup for the very first time on Sunday night!! I am sure you are aware, of all of this now, it is Tuesday, so it was a few days ago. They beat Netherlands 1-0 after extra time, with a Andrés Iniesta goal 🙂

What a great night it was on Sunday, it was such a good party night, i had my drinks, champagne, vodka, redbull, food, air horns, flags, shirt, and blasting music after the final :mrgreen:

I did not really go to bed, i watched Madrid TV and fell asleep for a few hours, and then it was morning already! My mouth tasted of champagne until Monday night!

I was so tired on Monday! But it didnt matter, I watched Madrid TV again and saw the parties and everything all over again, i wish i was in Madrid, but watching it on TV was 2nd best, it made me feel like i was there 🙂

Monday night it was another night of celebration, watching Madrid TV, seeing the players meet the royal family of Spain, the king and queen, prince and princesses, it was really good. The king also made a speach, which was so cool!! Then the team went to meet the prime minister of Spain, which was also cool, and funny, they started jumping up and down and he joined in!! :mrgreen: All the crowd were amazing, chanting INIESTA, INIESTA!! and IKER, IKER!! :mrgreen:

Then the players had a bus tour all over the city, it was crazy! 😀 Pepe Reina was going mental, and so was Piqué, it was so good, i do wish i was there! There were so many people, estimated to be 1 million people come out to support La Roja yesterday! It ended at puente del rey, where they took the stage. Fans had already been there for hours, and there was entertainment on, but the real reason people came was to see the players, and they werent disapointed 🙂

They took the stage, and it was great! Just like in 2008 Pepe Reina was the legendary MC, calling each player, and it was so good! He got to number 10, Fabregas, got him to the front of the stage, where he held him with Piqué and Puyol and they put a Barca shirt over him, he didnt know about that, haha!! :mrgreen: He looked good in a Barca shirt 😉 I bet the Arsenal fans didnt like that 😛

It was such a great night, i still have a bad head, oh well, its all good 🙂


It was such an emotional few days, you have probably seen clips on YouTube of Iker Casillas kissing his girlfriend who works for TV channel TeleCinco Sara Carbonero. Also Pepe Reina singing and dancing to them on the plane home!!


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  1. Antonio Said,

    Just a little thing…it’s ESPAÑA ES CAMPEON…

    Thanks for your support and…ESPAÑA!, ESPAÑA!, ESPAÑA!

    posted on Wednesday 14th July, 2010 at 10:42
  2. Michael Said,

    yeah i know 😛 i could of wrote “es los campeones” i was going to change it, but i didnt 😉

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    posted on Wednesday 14th July, 2010 at 13:30