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England World Cup 2014 Shirt – Only £90 a pop

Monday, 31st March, 2014

why is the england shirt £90

The new England home and away kits were unveiled today, but the talking point was not the shirts, it was the price. If you opt for the match version of either the white home or red away shirt, it will set you back £90 a piece, which is rather expensive, or is it?

The home kit is a throwback to the 70s, and will see England play in all white, rather than with blue shorts. The away kit is a similar story, with an all red affair.

Why the England shirt is £90

If you know your football kits, you’ll know that Nike, similar to Adidas and others, often sell 2 “versions” (and sometimes even 3 versions) of their football shirts. In the past your general football fan has bought a replica football shirt, and that has been that. However what many don’t know is that a replica shirt is not what a player wears on the pitch, it’s a replica i.e. a copy of the shirt the players wear. For quite some time, Nike and others have offered for sale the match shirt along side the replicas, the match shirt selling for a lot more usually. I cannot speak for the Nike shirts, but Adidas, who previously sold their replicas alongside a techfit match version of the shirt, are completely different. The fit is a more fitting slim cut shirt, the badges and anything previously embroidered on the replicas is printed or made from vinyl, this is what the players wear on the field.

I have previously bought the Spain techfit shirts and official match shirts, which have cost more money, but I have chosen to buy them for added authenticity.

Is it worth it?

You can call this a con, rip-off or clever marketing. The £90 match shirts are marketed at the hardcore fans, for the people who want that little bit extra, and are not for every fan. The stadium shirt (aka the replica which most people would usually buy) is RRP £60, but can be had a little cheaper if you shop around. £90 shirts are not exclusive to Nike and England, Adidas have released their Adizero (match shirt) for it’s nations, including Spain, Germany and Argentina, priced at £90 each. I also believe that the £90 match version is only available in adults sizes, so parents cannot complain about buying it for their kids.

My personal opinion is that I am glad that the option is there for fans to buy a match version of a shirt, along side the traditional replica. The bigger problem is the release of shirts, with many teams (especially clubs) bringing out a new top every year instead of every 2 year.

Mind you, buying an England shirt for the World Cup will work out at £30 per match, or £20/hour :mrgreen:

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