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Easy Money / Snabba Cash For Film Night

Monday, 18th November, 2013


I got this film Easy Money (Snabba Cash in Sweden) the other day, so I watched it last night, and it was pretty good!

The film is a Swedish film, with English subtitles, and is about a guy who’s a poor business student but living a double life; Partying with the wealthy but to keep up with that he gets involved with the underworld and crime to make some easy cash. Rivals, crime, gangsters and of course the beautiful girl, the film has it all. You’ll notice that it says “Martine Scorsese presents”…He had nothing to do with the film, but “presented” it to a U.S. Market. You’ll also notice the front cover, which is a take on the Goodfellas cover.

It’s a really good film which stars Joel Kinnamann who is going to be the lead in the latest Robocop, and is part of a trilogy. The 2nd film has been out a while, the 3rd just came out last month, but sadly neither has English subtitles yet; When they do I can’t wait to get them!

A cool thing about the film is that in one of the early scenes they are in a bar in Stockholm…And it’s a bar I was in when I was there last year! :mrgreen: Pretty cool, and seeing bits of Stockholm I saw when I was there too πŸ™‚

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