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Dirty Grandpa For Film Night

Sunday, 21st May, 2017

Dirty Grandpa Review

Hey guys!

So I have STILL not got through all the blu rays I bought a couple of months back, I had a bit of a break from the new ones and watched a couple of classics. Anyway I’ve got back to watching the films I haven’t seen, and this time round I watched Dirty Grandpa which stars Robert De Niro and Zac Efron.

It’s a comedy film which sees Jason (Zac Efron) asked to drive his grandpa Dick (Robert De Niro) to Florida after his grandmother passed away. Jason is an uptight kind of guy, working as a lawyer, and is about to get married to a miserable women. He promises her that he’ll be back for the rehearsal dinner, but Dick has other ideas. He wants to relive his youth just one more time, and plans on getting Jason to drive them to Spring Break in Daytona, unbeknown to him. Jason then finds out about Dick’s plan, and they run into a couple of girls and their friend, Jason used to go to college with one of the girls. He agrees to go to Spring Break and then the film goes from there.

I had looked forward to watching this for a while, I’d seen some clips and it looked good, and it was. There were plenty of really hilarious moments, lots of funny things and genuine laugh out loud parts. After I watched the film I had a read around and found out that lots of people hated the film, and it was nominated for the dreaded Raspberry Awards, which are awarded to the worst films. I thought it was far from that, in fact I enjoyed it. Maybe the Americans just didn’t like or understand the humour, it was directed by Dan Mazar who’s British and was a writer for a few Sacha Baron Cohen films, maybe that’s why.

Anyway, I can recommend the film, it was really good, the worst thing about it was the “Pam” character who was annoying more than funny, but other than that the rest of the characters were good.

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