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Date Night Film Review On Blu Ray

Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016

Date Night film review - What Did I Think

Last time out I reviewed Man Up, which I really liked, and this time I watched (yet another!) Rom com in the form of Date Night. It stars two really funny comedic actors, Steve Carell and Tina Fey, so I was happy to sit down and watch this one.

I have to say I did not really enjoy it. The film is about an old-ish, stuck in a rut, married couple called the Fosters from New Jersey, with the most boring jobs and stereotypical boring family lives. They decide to go out and have a proper date night, go out in the city, New York, to a fancy restaurant, however they can’t get a table, so pretend to be another couple (the Triplehorns) who had a reservation. It all turns sour when they get asked to go outside, to who they thought were people from the restaurant, who turn out to be what they think are gangsters, who are actually corrupt police. The corrupt police are looking for the couple with the reservation, who have been bribing their boss with documents on a flash drive, so attempt to get the flash drive from them, which they obviously don’t have. They escape, but are now on the run from them, and then get the idea that they need to get this flash drive to give to the cops boss, so they’ll not kill them.

Even though it’s supposed to be a rom-com, there’s so much action in it, it’s almost an action film, but not enough to make it a great action film. There’s a few really good scenes, but the overall plot of the film is not really great, which makes sitting watching this for an hour and a half a bit tedious. Mark Wahlberg plays a security expert who also plays the good-looking guy and is never seen with his shirt on, which is the running joke, and his part in the film is probably the best role, along with some cameo appearances from Mila Kunis and James Franco, who play the Triplehorns, the criminals who’s reservation was stolen.

I wouldn’t rush to watch this again, the few good scenes which there was made the film better and watchable, but I felt the story was a bit all-over the place.

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