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Coloured Denim Ready For Spring/Summer 2013

Wednesday, 9th January, 2013


For this spring and summer I decided to take the plunge and go for something a bit different, I am finally going to go into the trend that is coloured denim.

I had bought a few pair of coloured chinos before, but I did not really like them, the look and the bright colour did not seem to be for me. So, for the Spring and Summer this year, I have decided to go all out and buy various different colours of denim, for a more summer and contemporary look.

I love my regular blue denim, but when I look at my wardrobe it’s almost all the same indigo colour…Which I love, but I want something different.

The key with coloured denim or any trousers is matching it up with the correct colour top and/or jacket, this can make it seem more in tone and blend in, so green jeans will not look as outrageous as you may think if you tone it down with a simple white or black t-shirt and black belt.


I got a blue, brown and yellow pair of Cheap Monday, a green pair of DR Denim and a red pair of River Island.

Out of them all I think I actually like the brown colour the best. They look quite bright in the pictures, especially the blue and red, but they are quite toned down and pastel shades of colours; Not so bright that you need sunglasses to look at them :mrgreen:

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