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Claesen’s No.1 Premium Basics Underwear & T-Shirts

Friday, 27th February, 2015


A fashion brand you may not have heard of in the UK is Claesen’s No.1, but it’s one you should take note of. Claesen’s is a Dutch brand with a focus on premium basics.

They use Pima cotton, which is cotton from Peru which uses longer than your average staples which is often only used in the best of fashion basics.

You may remember me writing about this in my guide to basic T-Shirts which I put together last year.

I think having some luxury basics is an important part of having a robust fashion wardrobe.

Rather than spending all your money on the labels and logos which can be seen on the front of the shirt, you should have a couple of essential pieces which are more understated to look at, but you can see and feel the quality when wearing them.

Claesen’s No.1 have a collection of Pima cotton T-Shirts which are also constructed with 10% lycra for stretch and to create a really nice fit. They have all your basic needs covered, with black, white and navy available as far as colours go, and these tops come in either a round neck, V-neck or singlet form.

The tees are technically underwear, but they can easily be worn in the warmer months as a stand alone T-Shirt, or wear underneath an open casual shirt to create a layered effect.

There’s a collection of underwear for your lower half too, which comes in a brief, short, medium, long or loose boxer, with the classic colours as well as a few patterns to choose from.

I got a tee and some boxers to test drive and I was impressed with the quality and fit of both the boxers and especially the T-Shirt. They come in really nice packaging, a box with a magnetic folding opening which feels really premium before you even get to see the products.

Once opened you will instantly notice the feel of the T-Shirt, which is really fine and light, but super, super soft with a bit of stretch. The neckline has a printed label rather than a sewn in type which means no potential irritation from a label in your neck.

The tee is right up there with my favourite premium basic garments. The boxers have same colour branding to the front which keeps them looking contemporary and stylish.

Tees are priced at €39.95 each, €29.95 for singlets, €29.95 for a pair of boxers or some 2-packs for €49.95. Shop for your favourite here.


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