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Christmas Smellies For 2013

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Sunday, 29th December, 2013


The one thing every guy gets at Christmas is some smellies, and I am no different 😀

I got some Lynx which has been making somewhat of a comeback in recent times, especially with the old favourite, Lynx Africa. It reminds me of my early/pre-teen years, and actually the big smell in the mid-late 90s was Lynx Atlantis…Remember that?! :mrgreen: That was my favourite, I loved it so much!! BTW – If you are reading from Europe or outside the UK, Lynx is called “AXE” in some places 😉

I really love Soap And Glory For Men, and used to buy it quite a bit, then it became hard to come by, and I actually think they have stopped doing a men’s range. The Bees Wax hair product is pretty decent, the shower gel and shave gel are also really good, but one think I really love is the deodorant. The smell is so fresh and really unique, nothing like anything else, and I love it. According to their website they sort of suggest they stopped the men’s range but released something for Christmas, which is what I got I guess. It’s a shame, I used to always buy the Billy Wild Bees Wax and body spray.

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