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Central Intelligence For Film Night

Monday, 23rd January, 2017

Central Intelligence Film Review On Blu Ray

After watching Money Monster the next film up for my was Central Intelligence. I didn’t really know too much about this film, it was on offer so I decided to try it out. It stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, and is a comedy film. Kevin Hart is funny of course, but I really love it when The Rock does comedy stuff, he is funny and better than when playing the usual ‘tough guy’ roles he does in other films.

So it’s about how old two high school friends, Calvin “Golden Jett” (Kevin Hart) and Robbie Wheirdicht aka Bob Stone (The Rock) have to come together to save America to get back some satellite codes which have been stolen. Calvin was the high school hero, and Robbie was the fat kid nobody liked, but 20 years later everything changes, when Calvin is unhappy with his life as an accountant and stale marriage, and Robbie, who is now know as Bob Stone, muscular and working as a spy for the CIA.

Bob sends Calvin a friend request on Facebook, they meet up for drinks and he spends the night at Calvin’s house. In the morning the CIA turn up and Bob has disappeared, Pamela from the CIA tell Calvin that Bob is a rogue agent and has the satellite codes and is planning on selling them, however Bob tells Calvin another story, that he’s a good guy trying to stop another rogue, the Black Badger from selling the codes, and needs Calvin’s accounting expertise to help him, and the film goes from there.

I think it’s a really good watch, you have to wait right up until the end to find out if Bob Stone is a good agent or has actually gone rogue (no spoilers here!), and there’s lots of good comedy scenes in there too. I don’t think it’s a classic I could watch over and over, but it’s enjoyable and I could recommend seeing it if you haven’t already.

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