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Canon Powershot N – For The Social Sharing Generation?

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Monday, 11th February, 2013


I first saw this camera when it was announced, and admittedly I forgot to blog about it, and forgot about the camera itself for a while. It is not actually available yet but it will be in stores soon, it’s a new camera and new idea from Canon, the Powershot N.

The design is certainly something which stands out, and is definitely a unique design. The idea of this quirky design is to put fun into photography, snap 1 shot and the camera will generate 5 creative shots plus the original, which is very Instagram-like. It’s packed with WIFI and can use your smartphones GPS to tag photos.

The idea of the camera is to share and be creative, and the camera has a 12mp 8x optical zoom lens, 1080p HD video recording, and a 2.8″ touchscreen which can rotate up to around 90 degrees. As for the size, it’s H79 x W60 x D29mm and weighs 195g.

It’s not a particularly world beating camera when it comes to quality, but it’s not supposed to rival a DSLR, it’s supposed to be better than a smartphone camera, and it will be. The idea is you use this instead of the camera in your phone, then send the photos from the camera to the phone via it’s WIFI.

I really like the idea of WIFI in cameras now. Before I was a bit skeptical, but the more we share online and with apps such as Instagram and Twitter, the more I am getting used to the idea. WIFI connecting to a computer is a bit of a waste of time, if you are at a computer then using a cable is not so much of a big deal; I suppose it’s good if you were travelling and wanted to use a computer and did not have a cable, but it’s not such a big deal. I think the biggest draw with WIFI is being able to send your photos to another device, i.e. a tablet or smartphone. The idea of that is very appealing.

And now…The downside

Although it’s small and looks small, the depth is not. That would means putting it into your jean pocket may make it feel like a brick. A Canon Powershot S110 is 27mm deep, only 2mm less which is not much, but it is far, far more of a camera. Of course that is a lot taller and longer, but I think putting it into a jean pocket the depth is the most important dimension.

The purpose of the camera, and people it’s marketed towards are the kind which like to have fun with photos and share them. A huge number of these people take self portraits, now called “selfies”. Canon seemed to have failed to notice this, as the screen does not rotate enough to allow you to have the screen facing yourself while you take a shot. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake. The screen needs to flip at least 180 degrees so you can do a self-shot, I think from a design point of view it would be better flipping out from the side rather than the top.

Then there is the price

There is no way to sugar coat it…I have heard that it’s going to be £269.99. I think that this is insane for this type of camera. It’a a type of camera designed to be fun, and it’s at quite a high end of the compact market when it comes to price. You can get a lot more camera for a lot less, and many have creative shots and WIFI which is one of the key features of this camera.


For £269.99 I would not buy this. I can’t really see the reason why this camera is going to be set at that price. When I first saw the camera the price I would pay would be around £99-£150. I would not buy it at all until the next one comes out, if indeed they make another, because I think the limitations of the swivel screen is the deal breaker.

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