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DSLR, A Bridge Camera or a Compact Digital?

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Monday, 18th January, 2010

Since i am using my blog lots, and taking more pics, i have decided maybe i should get a new camera. But i am lost as to what to get. I am not a professional photographer, but i am interested in taking pics to some degree, and i like messing around in photoshop. So should i get a DSLR, keep my current camera, or get a bridge camera?

My current Camera is a Panasonic Lumix FX55. It is a very good compact camera, i got it because it is very small for the quality it can produce. It can fit in my pocket, and i still get a good lens with 10MP. However, i have noticed that indoor shots, and detailed shots dont seem to have the good quality i want.

The big step up is a DSLR. I have been reading really good things about the Canon EOS series, in particular the EOS 1000dwhich i have heard from several photographers is “the one” to have if you are starting out taking pics and want to get into photography. You can get one of these for around £370-£400 which includes a lens kit. The big drawbacks for me for any SLR is that it is not small, its not like i could take it on a night out for example. Another drawback is the ease of use. I want a good camera, but i dont want to spend an hour setting it up to take a few pics then have to set it up again.

There is a 3rd Alternative, which is a bridge camera. This is basically halfway between a compact digital camera and a DSLR. It is a similar size to a DSLR, but does not have changable lenses and it more focused on ease of use, aswell as taking a good pic.
The one i have looked at is a Panasonic Lumix FZ38. I have seen the FZ28 in action and it is good. The drawbacks are once again the size, but it seems thats something i am going to have to get used to if i wanna take a great looking pic. It is a 12MP camera with a good lens, and lots of features such as 18x Optical zoom and HD recording which the EOS 1000d does not offer. It also comes in at £265, which is around £100 cheaper than a EOS 1000d.

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