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Canada Goose Snood, Hat and Gloves

Thursday, 10th February, 2011

I have found some great accessories from Canada Goose. They have a hat, gloves and a really nice snood. I really really love the snood, but I have lots of scarves and it means I would wear them less if I got this. The hat is a cable knit hat, not my favourite style but its still nice. The gloves look really good, and being Canada Goose you know you are going to get quality.

Also being Canada Goose you know that they are going to cost quite a bit, but thats the price you pay for quality, and its quality you get with Canada Goose. The hat is Β£40, Snood Β£40 and gloves Β£99.

The only problem I have is that its coming upto spring, and its getting warmer, so I would only be wearing these items for a little while, and have to wait until the winter to wear them again. But I also know if I wait until the winter I may not be able to get these, on the other hand something else may come along, thats fashion afterall πŸ˜€

The snood is so, so tempting tho, dont be suprised if i am blogging about it again πŸ˜›

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