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Canada Goose Jacket – Where To Buy?

Saturday, 9th October, 2010

STILL I cannot find anywhere to get one!

I need a new coat for the winter, and decided i wanted a Canada Goose Jacket. Its proving impossible to find one! I have contacted them direct, and they put me in contact with distributors in the UK, but they all have hardly any stock, i.e. not much variety. The companies who have stock dont have my size in any jacket i want, i cant find a good colour in the right size, its proving so hard to find one!

I even called up Selfridges in London, who asked their buyer who then informed me they would not be stocking Canada Goose this season. I thought these were the best jackets to get? How can it be so hard to find one!?!?


There are NO stockists in Newcastle, I know of one in the North East of England who also dont seem to be stocking them this year. There are hardly any places online to get one; ASOS used to sell them, but it seems they are stopping, they have not updated their stock of them since last year to my knowledge.

If you know of an authorised resller anywhere in the EU (it doesnt have to be the UK) let me know, as long as they deliver to the UK πŸ™‚


Thought I better post an update, this post gets lots of views πŸ˜‰

I did get my Canada Goose coat, and you can see and read about it here:


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