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Brazil 3 – 0 Spain – Brazil Win Confederations Cup 2013

Monday, 1st July, 2013


Last night Brazil beat Spain 3-0 to win the Confederations Cup for the third time in a row.

It was a below par performance from Spain, and Brazil were good from the first minute. In fact they went 1-0 up after only 3 minutes with a scrappy goal from Fred. Neymar made it 2-0 a minute before half time smashing the ball past Casillas.

The second half started and Brazil got yet another early goal, Fred getting his 2nd goal of the game on 47 minutes, and Spain looked dead and buried.

Spain Chances

Spain did have their chances; Pedro was put through and almost scored, David Luiz made a great goal line clearance, that would have put the game at 1-1.

Navas came on after half time, Spain were 3-0 down but he won a penalty. Sergio Ramos stepped up but put the ball wide, it was not meant to be for Spain.

Spain Team

Arbeloa (Off for Azpilicueta)
Pique (Sent Off)
Jordi Alba
Mata (Off for Navas)
Torres (Off for David Villa)

La Selección did not play well

Spain did not play well, as in the previous game against Italy. You could put some of the blame on the players being tired, they did not look themselves. The passing was very sloppy, and it seemed Andreas Iniesta was trying to do just a little bit too much. To add insult to the defeat, Pique got sent off, and Spain had to play the last 20 minutes with only 10 men.

Was the starting 11 the right 11?

It has been a strange time to see the Spain starting 11; There has been changes in the whole team for a variety of reasons; The team which beat Uruguay included Fabregas and Soldado who both did well; In the final neither played or even got on, instead Mata and Torres, who was the top goalscorer started. Fabregas/Mata/Silva looked to be fighting for that position, there was not a definitive starter.

Navas was probably one of the players of the tournament for Spain, but did not start any of the games; He was a big influence when he came on in each game.

It leaves you asking, what is the best Spain starting 11?

Is it the end of Spain?

Of course not! 😀 You hear the same thing whenever Spain do not look like they are playing great, or in this case when they lose. Like any team (Barca/Real/Spain) they have a bad performance in them, they lost to the USA in the previous Confeds Cup and lost the first game of the World Cup 2010 to Switzerland, and then went on to win the World Cup. They had terrible 4-1 and 4-0 defeats against Argentina and Portugal and went on to win Euro 2012.

The Confederations Cup has been good preperation for Spain for the World Cup, they now know what to expect in Brazil, which will put them at a slight advantage to the other teams.

Spain are still a very good team, and are the best team in the World.

Will Spain win the World Cup?

Who knows!

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