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Friday, 30th April, 2010

ASOS VS Topman: Baseball Jackets

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So i now have 2 baseball jackets, one from ASOS, one from Topman. But which is better, and what are the differences. The ASOS one is Blue, and the Topman one is Red and Blue.


They both cost the same amount, £40, so this is a fair comparison. The ASOS jacket is far nicer material, both are 100% cotton, but the ASOS one feels thicker and still light, whereas the Topman one feels very rough and ridgid, very hard, and its not good. The inside also feels of less quality, almost like a polyester feel, it really does feel like a cheaper jacket.

The sizing is also different. The ASOS medium is a nice fit, whereas the Topman one is tighter, and not a good fit. I have a medium Topman T Shirt which fits nicely, this jacket does not.

The colours and design of the Topman baseball jacket is nice, and i like it, therefore i will keep it. Its not bad enough to send back, and there is no alternative to buy from a different brand or i would.

Something else which may be worth a mention is where they were made. The ASOS jacket was made in Turkey, where lots of better quality clothing comes from (as opposed to further east) and the Topman one is from…You guessed it, China! This is strange since the Topman T Shirt i have was made in Turkey.

So my opinion is the ASOS one is better quality, and if they did a better selection of colours i would have bought another one of them instead of the Topman one.