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Topman is one of the UK's biggest high street fashion store and clothing label for men, producing cool contemporary basics and fashion forward clothing. Check out my latest style tips for Topman, including the stylish suit guide as well as their latest fashion offerings.

Tuesday, 8th January, 2013

Topman Design Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection



Check out key pieces from the Topman Design Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, with focuses on red, orange blue and white.

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Monday, 3rd December, 2012

Christmas Jumpers For Men Tips This Festive Season

It’s not something which can be worn all year round, but it’s something which you should have one of in your wardrobe, I am talking about the traditional Christmas jumper.

For a while they had been seen as some sort of novelty and a joke, an unwanted gift from your nana, but really they are just something fun to wear for the festive period. For this winter trend, I have done a round up from some of the online stores retailing some really nice and traditional knits and jumpers.

Christmas Jumper Guide

UPDATE Check out The Best Christmas Jumpers for 2016 here.

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Check out the best Christmas Jumpers for 2014, packed with the best festive and novelty Christmas Jumpers and knits.


  • Green snowflake jumper by ASOS – £30
  • White and Red Xmas jumper – £38
  • Red and cream knit – £30

From TopMan

  • Navy Reindeer Jumper – £38
  • Red/White Stag Jumper – £38
  • Burgundy Wolves Jumper – £30

Urban Outfitters

  • Navy Fair Isle Sweater – £60
  • Pattern Vintage Renewal Christmas Sweater – £55
  • Grey Fair Isle Sweater – £60

From Next

Next Christmas Jumpers – £25 each. Featuring Christmas Pudding, Tree, Snowman and Reindeer.

From River Island


  • Reindeer Jumper – £38
  • Blue multi graphic Knit – £38
  • Cream/Navy Knit – £38

 From Very

  • Gant Reindeer Jumper – £135
  • Goodsouls Reindeer all over print Jumper – £30
  • Goodsouls Reindeer Jumper – £30

 From House Of Fraser


  • Gant snowflake Jumper – £100
  • J. Lindeberg navy Knit – £92
  • Tommy Hilfiger Knit – £76

Tuesday, 29th June, 2010

Did you have a good weekend?


Hello blog readers! 🙂

How was your weekend? I know its Tuesday but never really wrote about it, since i was tired 😛

I was out in Newcastle on Saturday night, I watched the Ghana – USA game, it was quite good. I saw the first goal in the house, the penalty in Union Rooms Bar, and the extra time goal in The Centurian Bar. Was really good, everyone was booing the USA goal, and going crazy when Ghana scored :mrgreen:

Went clubbing in Mood, i cant believe how rubbish it is these days! Its sooooo shit! It was really boring, It just feels like a crap place to go, it used to be much better. There was a random group of girls who were taking photos, with an old camera i.e. not digital! Weird!! The girl had the most red lipstick in the world i swear to god! 😉

I have not been blogging much because of the world cup, like i have said. I also been really tired, but i should be blogging more now 🙂

I wore my Drunk Girls Heart Me T-Shirt, which is from Topman.

Friday, 30th April, 2010

ASOS VS Topman: Baseball Jackets

Featuring: ,

So i now have 2 baseball jackets, one from ASOS, one from Topman. But which is better, and what are the differences. The ASOS one is Blue, and the Topman one is Red and Blue.


They both cost the same amount, £40, so this is a fair comparison. The ASOS jacket is far nicer material, both are 100% cotton, but the ASOS one feels thicker and still light, whereas the Topman one feels very rough and ridgid, very hard, and its not good. The inside also feels of less quality, almost like a polyester feel, it really does feel like a cheaper jacket.

The sizing is also different. The ASOS medium is a nice fit, whereas the Topman one is tighter, and not a good fit. I have a medium Topman T Shirt which fits nicely, this jacket does not.

The colours and design of the Topman baseball jacket is nice, and i like it, therefore i will keep it. Its not bad enough to send back, and there is no alternative to buy from a different brand or i would.

Something else which may be worth a mention is where they were made. The ASOS jacket was made in Turkey, where lots of better quality clothing comes from (as opposed to further east) and the Topman one is from…You guessed it, China! This is strange since the Topman T Shirt i have was made in Turkey.

So my opinion is the ASOS one is better quality, and if they did a better selection of colours i would have bought another one of them instead of the Topman one.

Friday, 30th April, 2010

Look What Came From Topman


Hello lovely blog readers,

You may remember i showed some things i ordered but didnt explain what…Well the order has come 🙂

Here you see i have another Baseball jacket, and a cool t shirt. Both from Topman. I had never ordered from them before, they delivery is alright, it costs £5 for next day, they dont seem to have a free option if you spend over £xx which i think would be a good thing, nevermind.

I love the t-shirt, it feels good and fits nice. The jacket also looks nice, fits a bit smaller, and is decent, but not as good as the ASOS one, i will be writing a comparison later.

Drunk Girls heart me T Shirt, Medium in White, £14

Red and Blue Topman Baseball jacket, 100% cotton, Medium. £40.