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Wednesday, 6th January, 2016

My Fashion Purchases From The Sales – Happy Socks & Thomas Pink


Is it just me, or are “the sales” really poor these days?

I can’t tell if it’s because I am not very motivated these days for the sales, since there’s not a lot more I need to buy; I have so many clothes and stuff like that, there’s really not much more I would like to get, other than possibly the odd one-off items. Anyway, I usually go out in Newcastle to places like Fenwick to check out the sales and soak up the atmosphere of shopping in the sales; It can be a bit hectic and busy, but that’s what it’s all about!

In the last few sales I’ve went to, I have been disappointed. Last year’s Boxing Day/Christmas/New Years sales were not good, and the previous summers have been as equally as bad. It seems they roll out stuff you’d not normally want which they’re hoping you’ll buy, or their best discounts are not in regular sizes; The last time I checked some T-shirts out at Gant, Armani and another brand I can’t recall, and I counted around 60 T-shirts, with ZERO in sizes small or medium, but they had some in other sizes, including the quite irregular 3XL.

With that said, I did not bother going to the sales on the high street this year, and bought a couple of things online from a few different places online.


In my seeming mission to buy everything from Happy Socks (it’s actually not, LOL) I got yet more socks from them. I needed some new socks and wanted to refresh my sock drawer, so I’ve thrown out almost all my old socks and they’re now replaced with all the Happy Socks I have either bought or got for Christmas. I think I have a total of 17 pairs now 🙂 Along with the socks, I got the boxers too. I got one of the spots pair of socks for £3 which was a steal, another for £5 and then the pack of 4 which was £15, down from £25, and the boxers were around £12.


Along with the socks and underwear I got myself a new shirt, from Thomas Pink. I saw this navy shirt with tonal stripes and really loved it. It was £49 down from £89, and I think that this shirt is worth that. The shirt feels nice, quality is good and I really like the fit.

Have you found any great bargains out there in this year’s sales?


Tuesday, 15th July, 2014

Best Of The Summer Fashion Sales – July At Selfridges – Michael84: Edit

Selfridges Summer Sale - July 2014

Selfridges has some amazing offers on in their sale, but you have to be quick, because items go fast, and for some, there’s only limited sizes available. Many have been discounted down more than once, giving you a great deal. Selfridges sells a number of higher end items, so if you’re looking for fashion from the higher end and want a bargain, I have hand picked some of the best sale items right here.

There’s a lot of great menswear pieces from Ted Baker. The Oakjak printed blazer is something different, if you’re looking for a blazer which is smart but not something boring and plain this is a good choice. Only £139 it can be bought here. If you’re looking for something a bit plainer then the Faramir cotton blazer could be something to consider, down from £250 to £175 it comes with a paisley lapel badge and Ted Baker seaside print lining. Grab it here. It is the summer, and a summer shirt would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Short sleeves will keep you cool, and a floral print will show you’re a laid back, stylish kind of guy. I like this floral print from Ted Baker, which will freshen up your look. Get it here. Last but by no means least from Ted Baker is this shirt. I am in love with it. It’s smart, elegant and has tonal vertical stripes adding just a hint of contrast. Down from £85 to £40, get it quick here.

REISS is another brand I really like, and there are a couple of great bargains in there from the brand. It’s too early to think of autumn but this V-neck jumper in navy does look good, get it in now and it will do you well in the cooler months, only £35. Get it here. If you’re looking for a smart blazer This single breasted jacket is a good option and comes with double side vents, two button fastening and pocket detail. It’s yours for only £125 here.

From Diesel – If you’re in the market for a plain fitted T-shirt they have a black one of those, with a typical twist. It sports a turn-up sleeve, branded tab and exposed seems. Plain but certainly not boring, it’s now £35 and can be bought here.

Thomas Pink are renowned for their shirts, but are on the expensive side. You can pick up a Algernon slim fit shirt for only £55 at Selfridges, now there’s no excuse not to look sharp. Get it here.

Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

Fashion Advice – Spring Knitwear For Men

fashion advice - Spring knitwear for 2014

One thing I love about the spring is spring knitwear. It’s not warm enough to walk around in just a t-shirt, and not cold enough for a winter coat and layers of clothing, it’s perfect weather for spring knitwear. It’s important to remember that knitwear such as jumpers and cardigans should not be put away when the first glimpse of sunshine comes, and that they are great pieces to build up your wardrobe and look with. You can keep it simple and toned down with darker colours such as dark greys, blues and black, or a great thing to do is to add some subtle colour to your look with a pastel colour knit.

Lightweight And Layering

It is Spring which means it’s not freezing cold, however it’s not boiling hot. The key is to choose cardigans or jumpers which are lightweight, not big, heavy, bulky feeling items. The look you are trying to achieve is to combine both the knitwear and the shirt or t-shirt you’re wearing. Layering your outfit creates an extra dimension to your look, and transforms a simple shirt into a focal point of your look.

Jumpers, V-Necks, Cardigans – What to choose?

A round neck jumper is a choice you can make without worrying too much about layering, since you will not see much of what is underneath. Still, you can layer it with a shirt exposing the collar, make sure you go for a colour which matches the jumper, a plain or pattern could work for this.

A V-Neck knit is a great thing to go for when you want to dress up that little bit smarter, but remember that you will have to wear something under it to complete the look. A T-Shirt will almost certainly look a bit sloppy, so a shirt is the way to go. Again, make sure you choose colours which compliment each other well, a plain shirt will be easier to combine with the V-neck.

A cardigan is the most versatile of the three and can easily be worn as a casual or more formal type of clothing. Layer it with a shirt for a smarter look, a clean t-shirt can still give a smart image or go for a printed tee if you want to be ultra casual.

Brighten up your look

I think the best aspect of spring knitwear is that you can add colour to your look, which instantly brightens up your outfit and will get you noticed but at the same time you can keep it minimal. You don’t need to run out and buy a jumper in every colour and then have to find something to match. You can keep things simple by starting out with a light grey or blue colour, which is not too outrageous but is light and team it with light coloured jeans or chinos, or for a more neutral look stick to indigo denim.

Here are some of my picks for the Spring 2014 season.

Tommy Hilfiger Green £80 | John Smedley £125 | Gant £72

The Tommy Hilfiger green V-neck is a great reminder that spring is here, and combining it with a white or pale blue shirt and indigo jeans would be good. The ice blue John Smedley is a round neck jumper, a navy blue shirt would work with this. The Gant is quite a rich pink, a light blue would work well, or go for the ultimate contrast with a black shirt.

Ralph Lauren Light Pink £88 | Tommy Hilfiger Mustard £90 | Reiss ELM £69

The light pink Ralph Lauren is a good spring colour along with the mustard yellow Tommy Hilfiger, a clean white shirt would be good for both of these. The Reiss crew neck is a good light colour which could be worn with bright blue chinos to create a colour blocking type look.


Gant Pink £84 | Gant Purple £72 | Gant Green £72

The Gant round neck collar jumper is a cable style knit which adds texture to the look. Gant offer a lot of pastel colours including these purple and green tops.

spring cardigans 1H&M £14.99 | He By Mango £27.99 | He By Mango £45.99

A basic cardigan from H&M in a marled colour gives off some great contrast. He By Mango has this cardigan as featured before, crème colour with navy detailing, as well as the nautical theme which looks very clean.

sping cardigans 2014River Island Cardigan £20 | Topman £24 | Zara £39.99

Two basic cardigans from River Island and Topman. A darker grey colour to give off a simpler and more toned down look, or add some colour with the red. Zara have a dip dye grandad neck cardigan, the faded colour adds dimension to your outfit.

Final Word

This has been an introduction to spring knitwear for this spring which I hope gives some insight to what is on offer for this season. They key things are to brighten up your look, create a colour scheme to your liking with pastel colours for a more toned down look if that’s what you prefer, and to incorporate a knit into your look which will always create more dimension whether you’re going for a casual or smarter style.

Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips 2013 – Knits, Cardigans & Jumpers

Back to school and it’s autumn. One of my favourite things to buy and wear these days are knits. Whether it be cardigans, pull overs, chunky knits, jumpers or whatever, I really do love them and like to mix them up with shirts, tees and jackets.

One of the great things about them are the amount of different colours and styles which are available. A lightweight knit along with a shirt will transform your look into something really casual to something very smart and preppy.


  • Armani Jeans wool crewneck – £165
  • Thomas Pink V-Neck 100% merino wool – £89
  • Gant V-Neck 100% lambswool – £85


  • Ted Baker Cardigan – £89
  • Barbour Knit – £100
  • Selected Homme – £45


  • He By Mango V-Neck Knit – £45.99
  • John Smedley Cardigan – £80
  • Joules V-Neck Knit – £45

Round Neck/Crew Neck Collar

These are perfect to buy if you want to wear a t-shirt underneath, or even nothing under your jumper. They can always be worn with a shirt under, but you will not expose much of the shirt, usually only the top part of the collar so if you are looking to layer this may not be the choice of knit to wear.

V-Neck and Cardigans

V-Necks are obviously opened at the neck, which means you really need to wear something under it. This is where a great shirt can make the outfit. Making sure the colours of the jumper and shirt go together is the key to creating a really great look. Don’t be afraid to wear a patterned shirt if it suits the knit well. Contemporary Checks and strips can go well with a plainer looking knit. The same can be said for cardigans, as they are very versatile you can wear them open or buttoned down, make sure your shirt suits the colours of the cardigan well.

Mix up your colours

The autumn brings out the dark nights, but your fashion does not need to follow this trend. Most brands and labels have a huge colour palette when it comes to knits, which can brighten up your wardrobe. Get yourself something neutral such as a black, blue or grey knit, these are real staples and can be worn with the vast majority of things you’ll already have in your wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to go to town on the colours, going bolder with reds, yellows, greens and even pink.

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