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British born Ted Baker is a clothing label for men and women which has a large range of fashion including suits, watches, underwear as well as everyday clothing essentials such as tops and jeans.

Thursday, 17th July, 2014

Best Of The Menswear Summer Sales – 10 Picks From House Of Fraser

The Best Menswear in the House of Fraser Summer Sale

House of Fraser has an amazing sale on at the moment, possibly the best I have come across while searching for the best menswear bargains. Here are 10 of the best items I have found for this summer, a mix of absolute bargains and summer must have fashion.

You can never have too many T Shirts, and I have picked out a couple which I think are really nice. The Mango IBZ tee is perfect if you’re heading over to the white isle, or if you just love the place or the music scene. You can get this for only £12.99 hereArmani Jeans is one of my favourite brands, so getting a printed logo t-shirt is always on the list when searching for tees. Get this one for only £38.50 here.

If you want a smarter look and prefer shirts, I have picked out two. Both are long sleeves, so are versatile and can be worn with the sleeves down when it’s cool, or when it’s warmer you can roll up the sleeves and create more of an edgy look than a usual short sleeve shirt would give. The red checks shirt is from Armani Jeans and I really like the design, the colours go very well and will create a smart casual look. It’s also half price at only £62.50, you can buy it here. The Ted Baker shirt has to be one of the best shirt bargains out there, better than half price at £40, it’s really smart, but roll up the sleeves and undo a button and you create a more casual feel. The shirt is mainly dark blue, but has fine toned pin striping to give it a little depth. Get it here.

I still love denim jackets for this summer, I got a few last summer so I am not really in the market for one personally. However if you are then this dark Armani Jeans one is worth considering. Slightly shorter than bomber length it’s made for the summer. It comes with button fastening which are embellished with the Armani Jeans branding, but other than that it’s a very clean cut jacket, and has 4 pockets. It’s yours for only £120 and you can get it here. If you want something a little smarter then how about the Diesel denim blazer. I love this jacket, the design is really cool and you’ll stand out and look unique in a denim blazer. It’s the bargain of the sale, at only £75 reduced from £250, I saw it on another sale for £125 so you’re really getting a good deal on this jacket. Get it quick here.

If you are in need of jeans then there is a lot of good denim in the sale. I love PRPS and have a few pair, made in Japan I love the quality of them. You can now get the Barracuda jeans for only £107 here. They’re dark wash and come in a straight leg. Get a pair here. The biggest bargain I have found in denim are a pair of straight leg Hugo Boss Green jeans. A smart medium-dark wash with creases to add dimension, they are only £50. Get them here.

It’s probably too warm for knits right now, but when you’re feeling the chill on a summer night and want something more substantial than a t-shirt, this Gant lightweight knit could be perfect. There are lots of colours available, but I really love this raspberry colour. I have a few Gant knits which are similar but a heavier weight, and I love them. At only £45 you can’t go wrong. Grab it here.

If you are heading abroad to sunnier shores and plan on going to the beach or even relaxing by the pool, swim shorts will be required. Calvin Klein have some quick dry shorts in a range of colours which look pretty decent, for this feature I picked out the turquoise colour to keep in with the summer theme. You can get them for only £23.50, so treat yourself to a couple of pair, I recommend a light and a dark pair. Get some here.

That was the Michael 84 edit of the top picks from the House Of Fraser summer sale. To check out the rest of the menswear sale, click here. There are so many bargains and great offers on there, you’ll need to spend a bit of time as there are so many great pieces to browse! 😀

Tuesday, 15th July, 2014

Best Of The Summer Fashion Sales – July At Selfridges – Michael84: Edit


Selfridges Summer Sale - July 2014

Selfridges has some amazing offers on in their sale, but you have to be quick, because items go fast, and for some, there’s only limited sizes available. Many have been discounted down more than once, giving you a great deal. Selfridges sells a number of higher end items, so if you’re looking for fashion from the higher end and want a bargain, I have hand picked some of the best sale items right here.

There’s a lot of great menswear pieces from Ted Baker. The Oakjak printed blazer is something different, if you’re looking for a blazer which is smart but not something boring and plain this is a good choice. Only £139 it can be bought here. If you’re looking for something a bit plainer then the Faramir cotton blazer could be something to consider, down from £250 to £175 it comes with a paisley lapel badge and Ted Baker seaside print lining. Grab it here. It is the summer, and a summer shirt would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Short sleeves will keep you cool, and a floral print will show you’re a laid back, stylish kind of guy. I like this floral print from Ted Baker, which will freshen up your look. Get it here. Last but by no means least from Ted Baker is this shirt. I am in love with it. It’s smart, elegant and has tonal vertical stripes adding just a hint of contrast. Down from £85 to £40, get it quick here.

REISS is another brand I really like, and there are a couple of great bargains in there from the brand. It’s too early to think of autumn but this V-neck jumper in navy does look good, get it in now and it will do you well in the cooler months, only £35. Get it here. If you’re looking for a smart blazer This single breasted jacket is a good option and comes with double side vents, two button fastening and pocket detail. It’s yours for only £125 here.

From Diesel – If you’re in the market for a plain fitted T-shirt they have a black one of those, with a typical twist. It sports a turn-up sleeve, branded tab and exposed seems. Plain but certainly not boring, it’s now £35 and can be bought here.

Thomas Pink are renowned for their shirts, but are on the expensive side. You can pick up a Algernon slim fit shirt for only £55 at Selfridges, now there’s no excuse not to look sharp. Get it here.

Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips 2013 – Knits, Cardigans & Jumpers

Back to school and it’s autumn. One of my favourite things to buy and wear these days are knits. Whether it be cardigans, pull overs, chunky knits, jumpers or whatever, I really do love them and like to mix them up with shirts, tees and jackets.

One of the great things about them are the amount of different colours and styles which are available. A lightweight knit along with a shirt will transform your look into something really casual to something very smart and preppy.


  • Armani Jeans wool crewneck – £165
  • Thomas Pink V-Neck 100% merino wool – £89
  • Gant V-Neck 100% lambswool – £85


  • Ted Baker Cardigan – £89
  • Barbour Knit – £100
  • Selected Homme – £45


  • He By Mango V-Neck Knit – £45.99
  • John Smedley Cardigan – £80
  • Joules V-Neck Knit – £45

Round Neck/Crew Neck Collar

These are perfect to buy if you want to wear a t-shirt underneath, or even nothing under your jumper. They can always be worn with a shirt under, but you will not expose much of the shirt, usually only the top part of the collar so if you are looking to layer this may not be the choice of knit to wear.

V-Neck and Cardigans

V-Necks are obviously opened at the neck, which means you really need to wear something under it. This is where a great shirt can make the outfit. Making sure the colours of the jumper and shirt go together is the key to creating a really great look. Don’t be afraid to wear a patterned shirt if it suits the knit well. Contemporary Checks and strips can go well with a plainer looking knit. The same can be said for cardigans, as they are very versatile you can wear them open or buttoned down, make sure your shirt suits the colours of the cardigan well.

Mix up your colours

The autumn brings out the dark nights, but your fashion does not need to follow this trend. Most brands and labels have a huge colour palette when it comes to knits, which can brighten up your wardrobe. Get yourself something neutral such as a black, blue or grey knit, these are real staples and can be worn with the vast majority of things you’ll already have in your wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to go to town on the colours, going bolder with reds, yellows, greens and even pink.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips & Trends For 2013 – Jeans

It’s another back to school fashion guide! It’s September so that means one thing, back to school, college or uni for those who are getting an education. Get the first day of term right with the perfect outfit. This post is dedicated to jeans, a good pair of jeans goes a long way. Buying a nice, comfortable, stylish and sturdy pair can last you quite a while, and getting something contemporary will ensure that they are timeless.


  • Acne Jeans – £130
  • DR Denim Jeans – £80
  • Dolce & Gabbana Jeans – £230



  • Nudie Jeans – £159
  • J.Lindeberg – £119
  • Tiger Of Sweden – £159



  • He By Mango – £69
  • PRPS – £229
  • Nudie Jeans – £149


  • Tommy Hilfiger – £100
  • Ted Baker – £85
  • Paul Smith – £119

When it comes to denim, paying a little bit extra does go a long way. Jeans are always in style, they are a very versatile part of any wardrobe and buying a good pair will last a long time. When paying a lot of money for jeans you should look at it as an investment; A high end fashion label t-shirt will be cool for a while, but not forever.

I believe everyone should own at least one pair of good denim, whether it be to wear on that special occasion, make a formal look more casual or just a piece to add to your wardrobe. You can be fairly confident that buying a simple but stylish pair of jeans will stand the test of time, look good but most importantly feel great.

Fit – My personal favourite fit of jeans are slim or regular fit. They don’t have to be drainpipe skinny style to be fitted, there is a preference in fashion at the moment for this type of style. Leave the flares and the like back in the past.

Wash – I do love darker washes of jeans. They are a smarter cleaner looking style without being too formal, and look good around the house, in town, down the pub or in a club. To add a bit of character and dimension I like the faded and light distressed looks, I would stay clear of acid wash and rough distressed styles to maintain versatility.


Monday, 29th October, 2012

Men’s Fashion Tips: Winter Coats For 2012

Winter is here, and even though I hate the cold and the dark nights, the good thing about the winter is you can get out your favourite warm jumper and really mix up your look with layers and combinations of knits, scarves, jackets, shirts and more. One thing you will need this winter is a coat. We have already had a few really cold ones, and as the days go by it’s only going to get colder.

My little collection of winter wear is above. I got a Barbour last year, and the year before that I got a down filled Adrian Hammond coat in white which is warm and waterproof, a really nice jacket. It’s warm, but it would not do the harshest of weather well, but lucky for me I got a Canada Goose too 🙂

I always talk about it being one of the best things I have bought, and I really think it is. It’s toasty warm, and the quality of the jacket is obvious once you are wearing it. I would recommend anyone who needs a jacket to give these a look, however at upwards of £500 they are very expensive.

Fear not, here are a small collection of jackets which I have found online for this winter season.

If you are looking for a smart, understated jacket then a quilted jacket may suit you well. I have my Barbour which I think is great, and I have worn it for day to day as well as a smart but warm jacket for a night out. Barbour are probably the most notable of the brands which do these styles of jackets, but others including Armani and Reiss as well as a lot of other brands do them.

These are best used if you are going to be out in the cold for short periods of time. If you are doing a really long walk to or from work in the freezing cold they may not be enough, and you may need something a bit more rugged…

These Parkas button all the way to the top and feature faux fur hoods. They are very rugged and most offer lots of pockets and many are double fastened with zips and buttons. One of the bigger names in this style of jacket is The North Face, who do jackets for various prices, but can go up to around the £300 mark. The other premium brands above are Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker.

There are of course other styles available. At the moment I am also really liking a duffle, and there are padded “puffa” jackets which are nice this season.

The first jacket is a double breasted wool jacket from Mango. This will be a warm jacket but bear in mind that this is wool, so will not be as good in the rain as a polyester type. The navy padded jacket is also from Mango, with the last jacket being a really nice duffle from Ted Baker. It’s a very luxurious jacket and it’s simple style is contemporary and understated.

Thursday, 22nd December, 2011

iPad Fashion Cases, Sleeves And Covers 2011/12


Christmas is fast approaching, and many people will get an iPad, or already have an iPad and may want a case. I have had a search around and found some really cool cases. The iPad is a fashion accessory as much as anything else, so wrapping it up in a cool fashionable case is the only way to go. It is hard to find lots of designer cases all under one roof, so I have compiled a few cases which I like, with a variety of price tags.

One thing which I am unsure of is how much do you spend on a case? An iPad will set you back at least £400, so is spending £300 on a case a silly idea? You can decide, I will just show you what is currently on offer at the moment.

The first case I have to write about is in fact not a fashion case, but a very cool one non the less. It is called a G-Form Extreme case, and is made of special materials. It is soft, lightweight and flexable, but has proven to be one of the most durable and tough cases which you can buy.

It has been tested and showed off a lot with its amazing strength; The case is said to have properties which change, so it is soft and flexable but when impact is made it becomes rigid and tough and can withstand quite a lot, including a bowling ball dropped on it. Check out this test below!

[youtube width=”720″ height=”385″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjacWefOnbk[/youtube]

Quite impressive! 🙂 If you are scared about dropping your beloved iPad on the floor or down the stairs it looks like this is the case for you, it looks pretty cool too.

It is currently available on pre-order for £70 in most places, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon and Firebox. Amazon release date is 15th January 2012. It does come in a variety of colours like black which is above, and yellow.

Now for the fashion cases…


  1. Mulberry case – Brown leather case, cool stitching and suede interior. £375 from MR Porter
  2. Louis Vuitton – One of the most recognisable brands out there, the traditional LV patterned design will give your iPad some high-end fashion looks. £255 from Louis Vuitton
  3. Ralph Lauren black leather case. nice clean design with front emblunm £125 from John Lewis
  4. Marc Jacobs – One of my favourite designs, bright blue so it will stand out a mile away, and it looks cool too. Embossed lettering throughout the case design with Marc by Marc Jacobs logo. £45 from MR Porter.
  5. Ted Baker Case – with a zip fastening and a sleeve to store extra swag. £32 from Nordstrom
  6. Mulberry Sleeve – Black leather sleeve, very simple and sleek design. £150 from John Lewis
  7. Dolce And Gabbana – D&G designer iPad case, with zipped front and opening. £335 from Luisaviaroma.com
  8. Gucci Case – Available in brown or black leather, this case has the Gucci diamond leather pattern embossed throughout and comes with an interior compartment. £325 from MR Porter.

My favourite has to be the Marc Jacobs case for the cool design, or if I were going for a more traditional contemporary look the Gucci case.


Wednesday, 29th June, 2011

My Clothing Purchases: June 2011

I got some things I really like including another pair of white jeans, and many t-shirts for the summer 🙂

Humor T Shirt. Cool graphic 🙂

DR Denim Striped T Shirt. I like this, the quality feels really nice, the sleeves seem a bit short, I will have to see when I try it on.

River Island NYC T Shirt. This has 3/4 sleeves, its a baseball style which I like. Grey and purple, I thought I would go for something a bit different.

A really nice smart tee from Ted Baker. Again feels like really good quality, as I have come to expect from Ted Baker 🙂

Evisu T Shirt, the brand is one of my old favourites, and I haven’t had anything Evisu for a while so picked this up.

Another pair of White jeans, these ones from Tommy Hilfiger. I remember when Tommy Hilfiger used to be a really good denim brand, and good fashion label, they seemed to have lost their way a bit, other brands came to the forefront and they sort of got left behind. I have seen more and more things from Tommy Hilfiger I like so maybe I will get some more 🙂 These feel really nice, I will see how they look and feel when I try them on.

I :heart: All of this 😉

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