Monday, 21st November, 2016

What To Wear To Your Office Christmas Party – Men

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Party season is upon us, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be going to an office party or two over the festive period. Dressing the part and knowing what to wear can sometimes be a tricky issue, should you go super formal or super casual, or somewhere in-between? Here’s some tips and advice along with some inspiration to get you going on deciding what to wear at your office party.

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Saturday, 8th October, 2016

Men’s Fashion Tips – Knitwear And Jumpers Guide For Autumn/Winter

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Autumn is here and Winter is here, so that can only mean layering and getting some knitwear and jumpers for the upcoming season. I love knitwear and jumpers, there is a huge variety of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics to buy, and you can create a great deal of different looks, depending on the style you would like to go for. I will showcase 10 of the biggest brands and fashion labels, from the more modest and budget friendly end of the high street, to some higher end brands and fabrics. You’ll find  some advice and tips on what to look out for when choosing your knits for this autumn and winter.

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Friday, 8th April, 2016

Men’s Spring Trend – Suede Jackets

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Navy Blue Suede Jacket From Jofama

I really love suede jackets as a fashion trend for the Spring, as well as suede for Autumn. In terms of the weather, Autumn and Spring are the perfect seasons for wearing a Spring jacket. It’s not cold enough for a Winter coat, and it’s not quite hot enough for a summer blazer or jacket. The only thing you have to be careful about is rain, suede’s natural enemy, although there are suede protectors on the market which you can get from a variety of places.

Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, and is made when the top layer of the leather is separated from the bottom, rougher layer, which gives it it’s unique finish. As long as you keep it in good condition it’s fairly durable, and is usually made from goat or lamb.

With the crisp Spring air in full swing, it’s the perfect time to get into the trend of suede jackets, if you haven’t already. As mentioned it’s a trend I like, so over the past few years I’ve got myself a few really nice suede jackets, including a typical camel colour one from Mango, a navy blue from by Jofama, and a black one from indie brand Vanity Vice.

Suede For All – High Street And Luxury

As with it’s brother, the classic leather jacket, suede can be costly, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. As with most higher end items, sometimes you get what you pay for, having said that, there’s a lot of really nice options out there for a reasonable amount of money. You should look at a suede jacket as an investment piece, providing you get a staple colour and style. On the high street you can expect to pay anything from £100 – £300, and the luxury market is out there on it’s own, where you can easily spend 4 digits on a jacket.


Colours Of Suede

When you think of suede the first thing that comes to mind in terms of colours is probably camel or beige. If your going for a traditional look, then this is perfect, but what if you are looking for something a little bit different? Not to worry. Suede, just like traditional leather jackets come in an array of different colours, including black, brown, blue, red and just about any other colour you care to imagine.

How To Clean Suede Jackets

A big thing which puts some people off suede is cleaning a suede jacket. Suede is a soft leather which is more vulnerable than other leathers, but is not something which should put you off. There are special suede brushes which you can buy which are relatively inexpensive. You should let the stains/scuffs dry and use the brush on them, and purchase the specialist sprays which are available. You should never use plain old soap and water. Always check the label on the jacket, as not all suede is created the same, and your jacket may have special instructions or give you a recommended guide in how to clean it. If you are in any doubt, you should take it to a local leather specialist cleaner.

Can I Wear My Suede Jacket In The Rain?

Suede and water do not mix well, however all is not lost if you’re out in your jacket and it starts to rain. How well the jacket will stand up will depend on the quality of the suede, and there are some steps you should take after exposing it to rain. First of all, let the jacket dry off naturally at room temperature. This may take some time, even up to 24 hours. Then use a suede eraser or brush to remove the marks, you should start off lightly and apply more pressure if needed. When you have the marks off, use the eraser or lightly damp cloth to work the fabric back to it’s smooth state. As mentioned above, there’s also protector sprays which you can use to treat your jacket just in case you get caught out in the rain.

My Favourite Suede Jackets This Season

Here’s a few of my favourite suede jackets this season, including my current favourites from REISS and Selected Homme, both in a stone colour which I really love.

Men's Suede Jacket Trends From Reiss

REISS Cristo Suede Jacket £375 | REISS Bastian Suede Jacket £325 | REISS Sebastian Tan Suede Jacket £350

Selected Homme Suede Jackets For Spring

Selected Homme Suede Jacket In Stone £200 | Selected Homme Suede & Leather Jacket £200 | Selected Homme Biker Suede Jacket £245


Suede is one of my favourite trends of this season, and I recommend joining the suede jacket owners club to add more variant to your look and outfits. Check out more of what’s hot and the latest trends in men’s fashion here.

Friday, 25th September, 2015

Men’s Style Tips – Friday Fashion Edit No.6


It’s that time of the week again! If you’ve been waiting for some men’s fashion advice ready for a weekend of shopping or just casual browsing, I have a few really nice picks for you. It’s been Autumn for a while, or it’s at least felt like it, but it was officially the Autumn Equinox on Wednesday, so we’re officially into Autumn. Here’s what I have been loving this week.

Farah Shirt – £55

Edwin Classic Sweatshirt £65

Jack Wills Hooded Sweat – £60

TOMS Chukka Boots – £79.99

Cheap Monday Black Jeans – £55

Reiss Suede Jacket – £375

H&M Quilted Suede Jacket – £150

ASOS Gingham Shirt – £20

First up I am going to start with this shirt from Farah. I really like blue for this season, navy or something a little lighter but not too light, it’s a great colour to layer and although it’s a fairly dark colour it will brighten up a black or dark grey jacket. This model is the Brewer slim fit shirt, and comes with contrasting white buttons which I love. A reasonable £55, button down collar and minimal branding.

I have always been fond of Japanese fashion and labels, they are always high quality and sought after. Edwin is a high end label which is highly thought of in the denim world, and have branched out into other areas of clothing, and they’re doing it well. This Edwin classic crew neck sweatshirt is available from The Idle Man, and could be a key piece in your wardrobe, styling it up with a patterned shirt underneath to create a smart-casual look, or keep it relaxed with a plain tee under.

Taken from my Budget Student Fashion For Men Guide I have borrowed this hooded top which comes from Jack Wills. It’s a full-zip up so can double up as a very light jacket on warmer days, just make sure you’re wearing a really nice tee under it.

I came across these Chukka boots from TOMS and really like them. They’re not formal at all, but they are very smart, and a nice break from usual casual kicks from Nike, Adidas, Converse or Vans. They’re black herringbone and look super stylish.

I think black jeans for the winter are really stylish and give your look a minimal feel with a plain black rinse. These Sonic Rinse Black from Cheap Monday look the part, I like the fit which is fashionable slim without being a skinny fit.

A suede jacket is a very desirable fashion item to have for the Autumn season, and this is one of the best I have seen. If you have a big budget of almost £400 it’s a complete no brainer, this Reiss Salamanda suede jacket in stone colour is a must have buy. It will last a good few years as long as you take care of it, and I can’t see this style or neutral colour going out of fashion any time soon.

Another suede jacket is this one from H&M. It’s a diamond quilted jacket, from their premium range. Bomber length and fully lined, it’s a bargain at only £150 and will add Autumnal style to your wardrobe.

And to end this weeks Fashion Friday we come back down to high street pricing with a £20 shirt from ASOS. The blue and white gingham pattern is stylish, and you’ll be able to wear this with a cardigan or knit and show just a little bit of that pattern to create a really smart look with a bit of edge.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday. As usual you can send me tips on Twitter here, and be sure to check out last week’s Fashion Friday if you missed it too 🙂

Friday, 18th September, 2015

Fashion Friday Edit: Men’s Style Tips No.5


It’s time for another Friday Fashion Edit, which features more fashion advice and my favourite picks from brands and shops around the globe. This week I have gone all Autumn style, with an abundance of jackets and knits designs to keep you warm in the cold weather that’s right around the corner. This is what I have for this week’s edition.

Jack Wills Donalson Cashmere Knit – £129

Reiss 1971 Vice Jacket – £265

Benetton Long Sleeve T-Shirt – £30

Jockey Printed Y-Front Trunks – £18

Armani Watch £104

Hugo Boss Quilted Jacket – £230

Benetton V-Neck Knit – £19

Tommy Hilfiger Knit – £85

First up is a knit from Uni students favourite brand, Jack Wills. Whether you’re at Uni or not, this 100% cashmere knit is soft to touch and will not look out of place anywhere. I love the colour, just because the dark nights are coming doesn’t mean you have to dress for the dark, and add some light and colour to your look with this top.

Part of the 1971 collection is this jacket from Reiss. It’s not a full blown winter coat, but it comes complete with a shearling collar for added warmth, with a mottled pattern throughout it adds texture to your look.

The Benetton long sleeve tee is perfect for layering, and comes in a red colour which you may not already have in your wardrobe.

One of the best bargains I have seen for a long time is this Emporio Armani watch. I love the minimal look when it comes to watches, Analogue is a must, and I do love a leather strap. This comes with all of the above, it’s a fashion label watch at an amazing price of £104 at ASOS. If I didn’t already have so many watches I would buy this. Get it while you can at this price.

Jockey have been making underwear since 1934 and having a few pair myself I know they’re really nice to wear. They have come up with a limited edition pair which are emblazoned with adverts dating back to 1876. I think these look really cool and quite literally make a statement. Coming in at £18 they’re affordable, and they will be a unique pair of underwear in your drawer.

If you’re thinking about a winter coat then this brand new BOSS Orange quilted jacket has to be considered. It’s available in navy and black, I’ve selected it in the navy. It’s waterproof and looks like it will stand the test of time throughout this Autumn/Winter and many more.

If you’ve not got many knits or sweats you’re in luck, I have added this Benetton one to the fashion tips too. It’s available in a few colour, including grey which will work well for layering with a shirt. It’s available right now for only £19 down from £27.

Last up and it’s another knit, this time from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s a cashmere blend which means it’s not 100% cashmere, in fact only 8%. Usually I would not recommend such a mix unless it was at an unbelievable price, however this is mixed with Pima cotton, which is a super soft cotton. This combination will result in an ultra soft knit, which you’ll be able to wear casually with a tee or dress it up for a smart casual look with a shirt.

That’s your lot for this week’s Fashion Friday. Remember you can always look back and check last week’s edition, and As always, you can send your tips to me on Twitter at @Michael84Blog 😉

Friday, 28th August, 2015

Fashion Friday Men’s Style Edit – Number 2


Here are this week’s fashion Friday picks in the style edit. With Autumn fast approaching I have gone for a few autumnal pieces, with some investment pieces which will last for years to come.

The only T Shirt in the range is a long sleeve tee from Comme Des Garcons. I still love the nautical theme, and it looks set to continue until Winter. The CDG T-Shirt comes with the trademark PLAY red heart logo. It’s £85

If you’re in the market for a pair of new footwear and you want something a little bit more fashionable than some plain kicks, these Adidas Stan Smith Trainers are worth considering. The iconic Stan Smith style has been retouched with a bit of colourful flair, you can get a pair of these for £67

A scarf should last you a long time, and can really add a classy touch to any outfit. This Burberry Scarf comes with the legendary check design, and is timeless. It is expensive at £325, but if you’re looking for a piece which will give you a bit of exclusivity among friends, it could be this.

I have been looking for an iPhone case, and came across this Ted Baker case. It’s not too expensive at £29, and will give anyone’s phone a bit of class.

Forget about a smart watch, if you want to get something with a little bit of prestige this Maurice Lacroix Eliros Watch fits the bill. With the Swiss Made mark, leather strap and minimal design, it will add elegance to any outfit. Get it for a reasonable £445

I do love a suede jacket for Autumn, and this Reiss Murray Suede Jacket looks good. A dark colour with a zipped front, it will remain in style for years. It comes in at £395 which is quite expensive, but it should last you a while.

The biggest bargain of this style edit is this Reiss Flecked Blazer. Currently in the sale for £110 the flecked blazer will add just that little bit of casual to the smart jacket, and will work well with a plain tee or shirt under it.

Summer is great for colour jeans, and Autumn is not so different, if you get the colour right. I really like these Desigual Jeans, the washed out red colour will work with a lot of combinations, and is something different than a dark blue pair of jeans. They’re £94 at Desigual

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, remember you can check out all the men’s fashion advice here, as well as sending your tips to me on Twitter 🙂

Monday, 20th July, 2015

What To Wear At The Races – Men’s Fashion Advice


And they’re off!

Having a day at the races is not just about putting a few bets on the horses anymore, well, has it ever been? There’s always been a lot of emphasis on what the girls are wearing, and who’ll have the best or most outlandish hat, but men’s style is just as important, so what you wear at the races should be something on par with your female counterpart. Let the ladies bring the glamour, and the gents bring the style.

The dress code at horse race festivals

I’m not talking about the fashion rules just yet, I’m talking about the actual dress code or guidelines different festivals and events have in place. They will differ, they can even differ on the day you go, or even the enclosure you are looking to enjoy your day at. Some are a bit dressier, some a bit more casual, so to get the anxiety out of the way it’s best to check their own fashion advice on what is and isn’t allowed.

Wearing A Suit At The Races

The most obvious thing to wear is a suit. A day at the races should be fun, and you don’t want to look like the same as you do every day in the office, so you can wear something which is a little more bolder or brighter than your usual black suit you may wear at work. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your own personality and add a bit of style and colour to an outfit, and a great excuse to get dressed up.

You can try different colours such as plum, light or dark blues, cream or beige colours will also work well in the summer and give you more of a lighter look. You can look at something patterned, rather than a plain grey colour, try a modern check pattern in a mid grey colour.


Mix And Match Jacket And Trousers Colour Combinations

Separating the colour combinations is something which is really exciting and could very well set you apart from the rest of the crowd. It means exactly what you think it does, simply wearing a different colour bottom to top; So that’s a different colour jacket to the trousers. This type of tailoring and fashion has become increasingly popular and is a trend I personally love, especially for the summer seasons. For this to work you have to make sure that you find trousers, a shirt and a jacket which compliment each other well, which is not always an easy task.

Using core colours is a good way to make sure everything matches up well; Dark blue or navy trousers should work with a grey jacket, to finish off with a light blue shirt. On the flip side, some light beige trousers with a navy jacket and a classic white shirt will work well too.

Footwear – Keep It Smart

Your footwear should be smart, so we’re talking shoes, not trainers, not even smart ones. That said, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In terms of colour and style they should be fitting with the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a suit you may want to keep it smart with a pair of plain black or brown Oxford’s or Derbies which will keep the tone of the outfit smart and slick. If you’re going for a more colourful look with separate jacket and trousers or chinos, you could try a pair of brogues which can still be smart but inject some colour into your footwear, or a pair of smart suede shoes.

Shirts – Stick To Timeless Colours

If you’re going to inject some colour into your look with the suit/jacket/trousers, you’ll want to calm down the colour palette and neutralise your look with a shirt in a timeless colour which will keep you looking distinctive but not like you’re over doing it. Timeless colours include white, greys and blues, match these up with the rest of your outfit. A bright white shirt will go with almost anything, if you have any doubts, and it will set it up nicely for a tie.

Don’t Forget A Tie And Pocket Square

Being smart is all in the little details, so you should not neglect them. You’ll want a tie to go with your shirt and jacket combination, so make it a good one. Again, just because it’s quite a formal piece that doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring. Go for something with a colour which compliments the shirt and jacket, inoffensive patterns and stripes are a really good idea and add more of an edge than a plain tie would. You’ll want a pocket square too, depending on the rest of the outfit you can go for the simple but classic square fold, which is as easy to do as it sounds.

Accessories – A Watch And Sunglasses

Watches are for men what a diamond ring or expensive handbag is to a woman. It’s one of the only pieces of jewellery or accessories we wear, and I think some investment should be made in getting a really good, man’s watch. Perhaps a lesser expense is a good pair of sunglasses, I personally like aviators and wayfarers. Both styles are timeless and so they can be considered an investment. I advise going with a classic brand such as Ray Ban.

What To Wear When It’s Cold Weather

There’s plenty going on in the horse racing world in both the Spring and Winter, and these months can get a bit chilly to say the least. It could be raining, windy or just freezing cold.  For example the Cheltenham festival takes place in March, which can have unpredictable and variable weather conditions. With that said, the dress code is more relaxed, and you’ll be able to wear something more appropriate, if the weather conditions are a bit on the cold side.

To maintain a smart look, you can go for an overcoat. This will keep your look smart while also keeping you warm. Go for an overcoat which compliments your suit colour, you could follow the camel overcoat trend, or choose something a bit darker such as black, grey or navy blue.


Whether you choose to play it safe and elegant with a nice fitting blue suit, or you go down a more colourful look with separates, remember you’re there to have fun. Think about the outfit as a whole rather than single pieces, making sure the colours of different pieces work well with each other.

Men’s Race Day Fashion Ideas And Inspiration


Above – A selection of suits from Hugo Boss



Above – A selection of suits from Gucci


Above – Blazers from Reiss


The featured blazers above are from Tommy Hilfiger

The Major Horse Racing Events 2017

Now you know what to wear, here’s a rundown of the biggest horse racing events for 2017. Remember that different festivals, meetings and events may have different dress codes, so it’s better to check up before you go.

March 2017

Tuesday 14th March – Friday 17th March: The Cheltenham Festival. dress code


Thursday 6th – Saturday 8th – Grand National, Aintree. dress code

Friday 14th April – AW Championship Finals Day, Lingfield

Saturday 22nd April – Scottish National, Ayr

Saturday 29th April – Bet365 Gold Cup, Sandown


Saturday 6th May – 2,000 Guineas, Newmarket

Sunday 7th May – 1,500 Guineas, Newmarket

Wednesday 10th May – Friday 12th May – May Festival, Chester

Saturday 13th May – Victoria Cup, Ascot

Wednesday 17th May – Friday 19th May – May Meeting, York

Saturday 20th May – Lockinge, Newbury


Friday 2nd June – Saturday 3rd June – Investec Derby Festival, Epsom Downs. dress code

Tuesday 20th June – Saturday 24th June – Royal Ascot, Ascot. dress code


Saturday 1st July – Northumberland Plate Festival, Newcastle. dress code

Thursday 13th July – Saturday 15th July – July Festival, Newmarket


Tuesday 1st August – Saturday 5th August – Glorious Goodwood, Goodwood. dress code

Wednesday 23rd August – Saturday 26th August – Welcome To Yorkshire Ebor Festival, York


Saturday 9th September – Sprint Cup Final, Haydock Park

Wednesday 13th September – Saturday 16th September – St. Leger Festival, Doncaster. dress code

Saturday 23rd September – Ayr Gold Cup, Ayr


Friday 13th October – Future Champions Day, Newmarket

Saturday 15th October – British Champions Day, Ascot – Dress Code

Saturday 28th October – Racing Post Trophy, Doncaster


Friday 17th November – Sunday 19th November – The Open, Cheltenham

Saturday 25th November – Betfair Chase, Haydock