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High end high street fashion British brand Jaeger is a lifestyle brand. With focus on more high end pieces and toned down fashion such as cashmere knits, shirts, suits and tailoring.

Tuesday, 22nd November, 2011

Jaeger Cashmere And Blend Knitwear


Winter is definitely here, and I have been looking at knits quite a bit, I am really starting to like them. A cashmere is a premium knit, and is known to be a very expensive item to buy.

I bought myself a Jaeger knit last winter, and it is really nice. Brilliant quality, good fit, and feels really nice. I have now found some really nice Jaeger knits which look really good, and at the moment they are on sale.

We have the pure cashmere knits, which are currently down from £180 to £104 which is a great price for a big branded pure cashmere knit. There are V necks and round necks available in a variety of colours.


Some really nice things there, above is a mix of the V-neck and round neck variations in pure cashmere.

If that is a little too expensive, or you do not want 100% cashmere, you can get a cashmere blend which is a mix of wool and cashmere. This is a little less expensive, £80 down from £130.


All of these are currently available to buy from Jaeger on their website. I may go into their store to have a look around, since we have a dedicated Jaeger store in Newcastle now 🙂


Wednesday, 26th October, 2011

Fashion Wishlist – 26th October 2011


Just a little mini wishlist of a few things I have found while browsing which have caught my eye.


Jageer Cashmere Knits – I really like these. I have picked out a red round neck and a black V Neck. These would both look great with a shirt or simple t-shirt underneath. It is the perfect combination for a night out or even smart day wear.

 Comme des Garçons T Shirt – I already have one, and really like this one. Red, and featuring an oversize logo printed on the front. When you buy  Comme des Garçons you do get quality, and they are one of the more distinctive brands of 2011.

 Comme des Garçons Cardigan – Here I have pictured a dark grey one, but I also like the black. I really do like my cardigans, they are so versatile and I wear them a lot. I haven’t bought one for a while, so this one could be the one. It is expensive, this runs at around £300.

So I may get myself either the cardigan or one of the knits, what do you think? The cardigan I will get the most wear out of, and I love it. But the knits are something a bit different, they are cashmere and are half the price.


How could I forget a Barbour!


Had my eye on them a while. Did not bother getting one last year, probably the only person on the planet who didn’t 😛 I want a really nice and smart style like above, so when it is absolutely freezing I can wear it on a night out 😉


Friday, 31st December, 2010

December After Christmas Fashion

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I got myself some clothes when I went shopping the other day, like I said. Here is what I got myself, some really really nice things, I particularly love my Jaeger jumper and Nicole Farhi jumper. As you can probably see, I am quite a fan of redthese days :mrgreen:

Purple FCUK T Shirt, just a cheap one for day-to-day wear.

FCUK Jumper. Again quite a cheap jumper, but I like it, its nice, and now I have a few I can stop wearing t shirts 7 days a week 😛

ArmaniT Shirt in red. Again this was not too expensive, Armani is probably the “cheapest most prestigious” brand you can get.

Finally got one!! 😀 A Lacoste polo, in red too 😛 I have wanted one for such a long time and have never got round to getting one. I have an old one I found when tidying up the other day, it looks a bit washed out looking, I did wear that one a fair bit. I think this one will only come out once we have summer which is fine, Lacoste polos are timeless 🙂

I hardly ever buy shirts, because I hardly ever wear them. I saw this D & Gone and had to get it, I only have black and white shirts, and this is the 2nd Dolce and Gabbana one, my white D & G has an “Italian collar” which I dont like, this one is much smaller. Look at the detail on the collar and cuffs aswell, it looks like I am a magician or something 😀

Red jumper by Nicole Farhi. The funny story about this jumper is I saw it, there was one left in the shop and it is a small. I am a medium, but still tried it on, it just fits, so I bought it 😀

My navy blue jumper by Jaeger. Jaeger is premium high street or a high end label, and you can see why. Some brands are expensive and not worth it, but with Jaeger you can feel the quality you are paying for. The cut and fit is perfect and feels really good, This is my first Jaeger piece of clothing, but I dont think it will be my last.

And to finish off my new red mood I got some red Armani boxers. I have this style in black and like them.