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Founded in 1924, Hugo Boss is a German premium fashion brand, named after it's founder. It produces high quality men's fashion, and fragrances. Sub labels include BOSS Green, BOSS Orange and Hugo By Hugo Boss, each offer twists on fashion, including casual, contemporary, modern and formal-stylish. Check out my styling tips and latest news from the brand.

Tuesday, 10th June, 2014

Boss Bottled Unlimited By Hugo Boss Review


boss bottled unlimited by Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Unlimited is the latest fragrance from Hugo Boss, inspired by the BOSS man’s determination and drive for success. This limited edition energizing scent is available to buy now, but be quick, because it is only on sale for a limited time. It’s a real summer style of scent, so would be perfect at this time of the year for Father’s Day.

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Saturday, 4th January, 2014

New Jeans From The Fenwick Sale

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I have been in need of some nice new “going out” smarter jeans for a while, so this Christmas I decided on getting a good few pair to last me for a long time. I have loved denim for about 9 years, but before that I absolutely hated it, and if you told me at 19 years of age I would be buying premium denim, I would have laughed at you!

My hate of denim could be because it was really uncomfortable, the harsh cheap horrible jeans are no fun as a kid, sitting at school with your legs crossed, playing football, running a muck in general, jeans are no good for these things. Thankfully I did grow up! :mrgreen:

Fenwick sale is always pretty special, and I do go most years. For the past couple of years I have gone for a Gant shirt or a knit, but this year I tried to stay away from the temptation (although I did look!) and focus on the jeans.

I ended up with three pair; PRPS, Armani Jeans and Boss Orange.


I have a pair of Hugo Boss jeans and they are pretty good. These are a nice dark colour which I prefer, and are a soft denim.


Armani Jeans are some of my favourite jeans. I have no idea how many pair I have had over the years, but it’s a hell of a lot. They are well made, and are worthy of the name Armani. These have a blue trim, with the newer logo embellished on the back pocket.

prps-jeans-dec-2013-2 prps-jeans-dec-2013

PRPS, a denim brand well known for it’s high end jeans made from Japanese denim. I did not know Fenwick stocked these, but they do! They had 2 pair I really loved, this is one of them, made with Selvedge premium denim.

Friday, 4th January, 2013

Fragrances I Got This Past Christmas

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Christmas is now over, but one of the things I love about it is that I get a whole load of new EDT’s and fragrances. This year I got 5 new ones which I have not had before, plus a large 100ml bottle of The One by Dolce And Gabbana, a scent I have loved since it came out years ago.

The new ones are Hugo Element by Hugo Boss, Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb, Diesel Only The Brave Tatoo, Calvin Klein Encounter and Thierry Mugler A*Men.

The Hugo Element is definitely the most fresh smelling, and is probably better suited for day wear. The A*Men is my least favourite smell, it’s very citrus-like and smells like it has a tang to it. I really like the CK Encounter, it’s the most woody of these but not too over-powering, a really great smell for the evening. The Diesel is similar, but a bit lighter, and Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolph is also great for evening wear, and has a slight orange type of smell to it.

I love having such a wide range to choose from, but I also think buying big bottles of my favourites is a good way to go, I got a large Gucci by Gucci a few weeks back. After doing research I found many people saying that as long as they are kept well, EDT’s and aftershaves can last for a number of years, so it’s worth getting your favourites in large bottles. I would also hate it if/when they start to discontinue my old faves like they have done with Gucci Envy.

Thursday, 12th July, 2012

Hugo Boss Bottled Sport


I have had Hugo Boss Bottled Sport for a little while now, and I do really like it. I already have Hugo Boss Bottled Night which I love, but this one is a little different. It is quite a light but nice scent, a little fruity and citrus-like at first, but then that settles and a really nice smell hits you after. I would say it is perfect for the daytime, but it could be worn on a night too.

As with all EDT’s and fragrances much of it is not just about the smell, but how good does the bottle look. As with the other “Boss Bottled” line, this comes in a very simple, sleek and clean bottle. Nice smooth frosted glass, and “BOSS” debossed into the bottle.

What they say

Top Notes – Grapefruit

Heart Notes – Lavender, Cardamom

Base Notes – Vetyver

What other fragrances is it like?

Well it is hard to say. I have Givenchy Very Irresistiblé and Ralph Lauren Big Pony No.2 and they are both light and fruity, but Boss Bottled Sport is not as fruity as either of those, however it is more citrus-like than Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue. It is quite unique in it’s smell, which is not a bad thing.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would. It is probably not going to be my favourite fragrance because I have far too many of those already, but it is certainly wearable and does smell very good. If you want to wear something to work or out through the day and smell really good but is also fairly light, this is a good choice. It is quite inviting, so wearing it on a night out would work too 😉


Wednesday, 28th December, 2011

Bought Some Stuff In The Sales Today

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Hello blog!

So today I got up really early, 8am, and went to the sales in Newcastle. It was not as good as I thought, maybe I missed out going a few days after boxing day. There were a few good things, but lots of sale items were not so good, or the discount was not amazing, e.g. I saw a shirt reduced from £99 to £90, not really an amazing sale.

But I did find a few things which I really liked, I picked up some really cool stuff

Check out more of my stuff…

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Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011

Hugo Boss Black Swim Shorts


Summer is just around the corner, and you might need some swim shorts for the pool or beach. I saw these Boss Black swim shorts, and I really love them 🙂

The blue ones are really nice, as are the red, and I might have to get myself a pair if I go abroad this year.

I love the large logo on these shorts, its a good graphic which really sets them off nicely.

These are quite long though, so they are good for in the sea or walking around if you are off on holiday somewhere hot, but remember that they are long, so maybe not as good for tanning your legs.

They are available now from places such as ASOS for £49 each. Quite expensive, for me at least, since I would only wear them on a holiday. I would only get one pair of these. I usually only get 2 or 3 pairs of “good” shorts, because there is no point in spending loads for the sake of wearing them once or twice a year.

Saturday, 31st July, 2010

Hugo Boss Bottled Night: Smells Soo Good!


I got some more smelly stuff! 😛 Its Hugo Boss Bottled Night, and it smells sooooo good!! 🙂 Its my favourite smell this year i think, i got the 50ml EDT bottle which was £35.

It has a very strong and rich smell, its definatly a night smell which is where it got its name i guess. I will be wearing this alot, it is hard to describe a smell, but it is good.

Its the new fragrance from Hugo Boss, I have a few of theirs, and this is by far there best effort, its really nice 🙂