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Hennes & Mauritz aka H&M is a high street retailer from Sweden. They focus on high street fashion and prices, and retail everything from menswear and womenswear to homewear. Popular amongst fashionable people, H&M has guest designers such as Versace and collections by David Beckham. Check out the latest releases and my personal favourites from H&M.

Tuesday, 16th June, 2015

H&M Summer Purchases – Shorts & White Jeans



So I was having a look around for some shorts for this summer, and after a good look around I found a couple of pair at H&M. I do not usually like spending a lot of money on shorts, primarily because I hardly wear them, so I don’t want to spend fortunes on a lot of pairs of shorts.


I think that sweat shorts are big this summer, and I have been looking at getting a couple of pair. H&M have some really good ones, so I went and had a look, and bought a few pair. They are good quality and a good fit, and they come in a few different colours. I picked up some summer red, navy, grey and black. I also got a pair of swim shorts with a check pattern which are also good for the summer. The sweat shorts are only £8 a pair, and I think the swim shorts were £15.


I am really into nautical striped T-Shirts for the summer, and I have been looking around for one which I really like. There has been a couple, and I found this one from H&M. It has a chest pocket which is not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s still cool and is what I was looking for…I would also like a one in reverse, i.e. navy with thin white stripes. This was £10.


I now have a few pair of white chinos and jeans, and I saw these for £15 and thought one more pair couldn’t hurt 😛 They are really soft and nice slim fitting, and will work well with the tee I bought and a few other pieces I have. Take a look here to see how I style white jeans.


Monday, 23rd March, 2015

H And M Loves Coachella Collection



H&M continues it’s sponsorship with Coachella for a sixth year with the first ever co-branded collection they’re calling H&M Loves Coachella. The collection features clothing for both men and women who are looking for some cool festival clothing for this years event, as well as accessories. They are available to buy from this Thrusday 26th March, and if you’re lucky enough to be going to Coachella you’ll be able to get your hands on some festival fashion at the first pop-up shop in the H&M tent.

Here are some selected pieces of the menswear and festival bags. Prices in the collection start from £2.99 and go up to £29.99.


Thursday, 11th December, 2014

H&M x Alexander Wang Towels


H&M x Alexander Wang Collab

Do you remember the H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration? It was only last month when everyone was going crazy over it, but as it seems with all these types of collabs, the hype has dyed down and we’re all wondering what the fuss was about. I only really wanted one of the sweatshirts, but in true H&M fashion, the website was virtually impossible to use with everyone wanting their own piece of the collaboration. There were a few things available when I finally got on, but the only thing which I thought was worth getting was the towel set. I got a shower towel and hand towel, and they came in quite a cool mesh bag which I’ll be able to use. Even though this is a shower towel I think it would make a good beach towel, and the bag to go with it too, perfect for keeping the towel, sun lotion and any other beachwear in. For £24.99, it’s a fair price and it will be used 🙂

I can’t complain about not getting the sweatshirt; I have “participated” in the H&M collaborations ‘battle for fashion’ a few times now, and I’ve been lucky enough to get some things from the Versace x H&M collab, the Versace Cruise x H&M collab and the Marni x H&M collab.


Wednesday, 6th November, 2013

H&M – AW13 Fashion Trends: The Purple Edit


Purple is an amazing colour in fashion. Violet, lavender, mauve, lights, darks pastels and everything in between, It is a great colour to add to your wardrobe and to incorporate with your outfit. H&M have got some purple fashion pieces in this season, from tees to knits, trousers and shirts there is a piece of clothing which you can get this season which is a shade of purple.

handm-purple-edit1 handm-purple-edit2

  • Light purple knit merino wool – £19.99
  • Deep purple slim fit shirt – £19.99
  • Dark purple slim fit shirt – £9.99
  • Purple trousers – £14.99
  • Purple grandad shirt  – £7.99
  • Purple V-Neck Tee – £4.99

What to wear with purple – Lookbook Inspiration

Purple is quite a diverse colour, and depending on the shade you go for will depend on what you want to team it with. Using a contrasting colour is a great idea, and you can even contrast differing purples to create a simple but stylish look. The deep purple shirt will go well with the lighter purple knit, a light grey knit will work for a toned down look but still keep the colour. Black and white are of course the obvious choice when wanting to pair something with a colour, but yellows or greens will also work with purple; Using bright bold colours is not a complete no-no, but this will create a more striking look. For something more toned down, use a combination of pastel colours with bold to complement your outfit.

Here is some inspiration for you.

handm-purple-edit-inspiration-2 handm-purple-edit-inspiration-1

Tuesday, 9th July, 2013

Shorts & Tee From H&M



Hey 🙂

I need some shorts for the summer. I have never been much of a fan of wearing shorts, other than abroad on holiday. I have a few pair of sports type of shorts, and shorts from football kits like my Spain kit. These are great, however this type of style is not so fashionable, and also there are no pockets! This is not good these days when you need your mobile phone 24/7.

I went to H&M and got a couple of pair…That store is so badly organised! I have mentioned it before, and it still it. Clothes all over the place, you have to really hunt around for things. In the end I settled for only 2 pair, basically because I got tired of looking around! :p

I saw this Cassette Tape t-shirt too, so I had to have it. You can never have too many t-shirts…Although I probably do actually have too many 😉

The blue shorts were £14.99, the black were on sale for £5 and the tee was £7.99





Tuesday, 11th June, 2013

H&M Announce Guest Designer: Isabel Marant



H&M today announced it’s latest guest designer for a collaboration, and it will be Isabel Marant.

“H&M works with the best designers, and this invitation is an exciting honor,” Marant said in a release. “I aim at creating something real–something women want to wear in their everyday lives–with a certain carefree style. I think this is very Parisian: You dress up, but don’t pay too much attention to it, and you still look sexy. The collection is infused with this kind of easiness and attitude.

The collection will be available online and selected H&M stores on Thursday 14th November 2013; Get ready to queue 😉

Thursday, 13th December, 2012

A Few Things From H&M Newcastle


Today I went to H&M, not online, the actual store! 😀 I do like H&M online, but I was out in Newcastle and the online store usually takes a week to deliver. Here is what I picked up:

I saw this shirt a few weeks ago, and liked the look of it. They do the same shirt in a few colours, and it was cheap, only £14.99. I’ll wear it for day to day things, work etc. They do them in a few colours, red, and a yellow type of blend.

A pair of Beckham bodywear boxer shorts. I already have a couple of pair from the old collection, it seems that these are exactly the same as those.

H&M Newcastle store layout is terrible!

I went to the actual store in Northumberland Street rather than online since I was in Newcastle and I think they layout was terrible! It took ages to find the boxers, which I thought would have been pride of place at the front with all of the Beckham Bodywear collection; Instead there was a little display of boxes next to the till; So I did not even see them until I was leaving!

At first I thought they had none, but then as I was going to go with just the shirt I noticed they had the boxers. They were advertised as a 3 pack for £19.99 and I assumed they’d be in 1 box, no! You have to actually pick up 3 boxes, otherwise they are £9.99 per pair.

It seems that they only had the boxers from the entire collection, I could not really find anything else. I was thinking that they would have had a large display of everything together, but they did not.

In general things are hard to find, they seem to have scattered things everywhere, t-shirts in various places, jumpers all over the place, it’s really hard to shop! 😀 I can’t speak for their other stores, but that one is not very shopping friendly.

I think i’ll stick to the website from now on 😉


Friday, 16th March, 2012

Finally Got My Marni At H&M Things


Today I finally received my Marni at H&M items I ordered last Thursday. I thought they would have came yesterday, when I order off H&M it usually comes exactly a week later, but it came today instead, no big deal.

I got a t-shirt and pair of sunglasses, here they are:



Both items carry the “Made in China” label, which really takes some of the shine off this since it’s supposed to be a “designer” collection; I suppose you can’t expect too much at the prices they were charging. The t-shirt feels like good material, quite a thick tee, and is a cool design. 25% of the sale price goes to the Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Japan which is cool.

The sunglasses are OK, they come in a box and carry pouch. Only the fronts are painted black and the insides of the frame are a cream/green colour. They are a gradient lens, but look pretty nice quality; Not going to give Ray Ban a run for their money, but not bad for £20.

Both items were £19.99 each, and I am pretty happy with them.

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Friday, 27th January, 2012

Got My Versace Cruise For H&M Fashion Today


Today was the day when I got my Versace Cruise for H&M products! As I have already mentioned I completely forgot about this being released, I must of been asleep or something 😀 but luckily I was able to get lots of great things, probably most that I want out of the collection, apart from the dressing gown 🙁 I have seen a few images of it and it looks amazing! I would buy it if it comes available, it might, so watch this space 😉

Anyway for the things I DID get, which were a t-shirt, pair of jeans and a cardigan, here they are…

Really nice T Shirt, strechy cotton and feels nice, although I have not tried it yet, I fear it may be a bit translucent 😛

Silk blend cardigan, which is really nice and is in blue, one of the only colours I have not got in a cardigan, but I have now! :mrgreen: I love my cardigans so this will get plenty of wear.

The most impressive things I got from this collection were these jeans. At only £40 this are amazing quality! I really like the fit, they feel really good and are well designed, I love the thick chunky buttons which make them feel really tough but are in fact really soft.


How much was all of the above? Under £100! It is little wonder this stuff is usually sold out on the first day!

Monday, 2nd January, 2012

H&M Spring-Summer 2012 Fashion


We are only two days into 2012 and the sales are still on, but if you want Spring/Summer fashion H&M are there for you. You can get some really nice pieces of fashion for a great price of course. Buy now, these may not be around come March when you wanna refresh your wardrobe.


Fine Knit jumper in blue £14.99, Knitted Cardigan with detailing in natural/white £14.99, 10 Pairs of black socks £12.99, H&M Shirt £9.99, Simple Cardigan £14.99, Smart Jacket in grey £34.99, block stripe cable knit jumper £24.99

You can get all of the above for under £130. I :heart: H&M 😉

 Other colours are available on some items, but these are what I would choose for my wardrobe at the moment 🙂