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Wednesday, 29th January, 2014

He By Mango SS14 At 080 Barcelona Fashion Show



He By Mango showcased their Spring / Summer 2014 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion Show. Looks that emphasize the individual from the period and a certain liking for simplicity and comfort, reducing right down to the essential.

Check out the key looks from the runway below, my favourites are the sand cardigan, baseball style jacket and the blazer above.

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Saturday, 18th January, 2014

He By Mango – The Making Of The SS14 Campaign Video



Go behind the scenes with He By Mango for their Spring Summer 2014 campaign in this video. Check out He By Mango SS14 collection at 080 Barcelona show.

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Thursday, 2nd January, 2014

Christmas Fashion 2013

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I have finally taken pics of all the fashion I got this Christmas! I got a few things, and also bought a couple of things myself from Mango. I have other stuff from the sales which I will feature in separate posts 😀


A purple pure cashmere knit. I already have a load of knits, but none in purple, so this will go well with my purple and lighter coloured shirts.



This Hugo Boss t-shirt is a really nice colour and a comfortable fit.



I got this He By Mango t shirt too. It’s a stretch cotton tee with a simple logo to the front.



I have a new love for shirts, and have done since last year. I wear them a lot more these days, and this is just one I have got this Christmas. It’s He By Mango too, and a really nice fit and colour.

Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips 2013 – Knits, Cardigans & Jumpers

Back to school and it’s autumn. One of my favourite things to buy and wear these days are knits. Whether it be cardigans, pull overs, chunky knits, jumpers or whatever, I really do love them and like to mix them up with shirts, tees and jackets.

One of the great things about them are the amount of different colours and styles which are available. A lightweight knit along with a shirt will transform your look into something really casual to something very smart and preppy.


  • Armani Jeans wool crewneck – £165
  • Thomas Pink V-Neck 100% merino wool – £89
  • Gant V-Neck 100% lambswool – £85


  • Ted Baker Cardigan – £89
  • Barbour Knit – £100
  • Selected Homme – £45


  • He By Mango V-Neck Knit – £45.99
  • John Smedley Cardigan – £80
  • Joules V-Neck Knit – £45

Round Neck/Crew Neck Collar

These are perfect to buy if you want to wear a t-shirt underneath, or even nothing under your jumper. They can always be worn with a shirt under, but you will not expose much of the shirt, usually only the top part of the collar so if you are looking to layer this may not be the choice of knit to wear.

V-Neck and Cardigans

V-Necks are obviously opened at the neck, which means you really need to wear something under it. This is where a great shirt can make the outfit. Making sure the colours of the jumper and shirt go together is the key to creating a really great look. Don’t be afraid to wear a patterned shirt if it suits the knit well. Contemporary Checks and strips can go well with a plainer looking knit. The same can be said for cardigans, as they are very versatile you can wear them open or buttoned down, make sure your shirt suits the colours of the cardigan well.

Mix up your colours

The autumn brings out the dark nights, but your fashion does not need to follow this trend. Most brands and labels have a huge colour palette when it comes to knits, which can brighten up your wardrobe. Get yourself something neutral such as a black, blue or grey knit, these are real staples and can be worn with the vast majority of things you’ll already have in your wardrobe. But don’t be afraid to go to town on the colours, going bolder with reds, yellows, greens and even pink.

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013

Back To School Fashion Tips & Trends For 2013 – Jeans

It’s another back to school fashion guide! It’s September so that means one thing, back to school, college or uni for those who are getting an education. Get the first day of term right with the perfect outfit. This post is dedicated to jeans, a good pair of jeans goes a long way. Buying a nice, comfortable, stylish and sturdy pair can last you quite a while, and getting something contemporary will ensure that they are timeless.


  • Acne Jeans – £130
  • DR Denim Jeans – £80
  • Dolce & Gabbana Jeans – £230



  • Nudie Jeans – £159
  • J.Lindeberg – £119
  • Tiger Of Sweden – £159



  • He By Mango – £69
  • PRPS – £229
  • Nudie Jeans – £149


  • Tommy Hilfiger – £100
  • Ted Baker – £85
  • Paul Smith – £119

When it comes to denim, paying a little bit extra does go a long way. Jeans are always in style, they are a very versatile part of any wardrobe and buying a good pair will last a long time. When paying a lot of money for jeans you should look at it as an investment; A high end fashion label t-shirt will be cool for a while, but not forever.

I believe everyone should own at least one pair of good denim, whether it be to wear on that special occasion, make a formal look more casual or just a piece to add to your wardrobe. You can be fairly confident that buying a simple but stylish pair of jeans will stand the test of time, look good but most importantly feel great.

Fit – My personal favourite fit of jeans are slim or regular fit. They don’t have to be drainpipe skinny style to be fitted, there is a preference in fashion at the moment for this type of style. Leave the flares and the like back in the past.

Wash – I do love darker washes of jeans. They are a smarter cleaner looking style without being too formal, and look good around the house, in town, down the pub or in a club. To add a bit of character and dimension I like the faded and light distressed looks, I would stay clear of acid wash and rough distressed styles to maintain versatility.


Wednesday, 20th March, 2013

My Suede (Soft Leather) Jacket From He By Mango



I finally got my He By Mango suede jacket yesterday. This is from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from He By Mango, which I blogged about here. I loved this jacket so much I had to have it 😀 There are three different colours, brown, navy and this one which they call castaña which is “chestnut” in Spanish (I know that since you say that for a hair colour in Spanish haha 😉 ).

I wanted to get something a different colour, most of my jackets or tops are a dark colour and I wanted something lighter for the spring. I do have a leather jacket which is a dark brown which I like, and I have my All Saints denim jacket which is a light grey wash which I got for last spring/summer.

It’s a short cropped style fit, with external pockets as you can see and an internal one too. The front has buttons, most of which are concealed and is also a zip up, there are same colour elbow patches too. 

Love this jacket, I will be wearing it soon! 🙂





Saturday, 16th March, 2013

Shopping at He By Mango


Yesterday I received the few things I ordered from He By Mango. I am still waiting for a jacket, these were from their sale. Some real bargains including these 2 belts, which I love.


I am starting to wear a belt more and more, some of my jeans are quite loose so I need it, but other than that it’s also cool to wear a nice belt. I got a brown leather one which is a very soft and light leather, and a black snake skin one which is very thick. They are both very small, they are 80cms and the one I use the most by Ted Baker is 81cms, so that’s a 1cm difference right? Nope! These ones from Mango are much smaller, they do just about fit and are supposed to be for a 32″ (My waist is around 30″ and it just fits me, it’s on the very first notch). Next time if I get one of these I will get a 90.


A cardigan, wow I have never bought one for several months! 😛 I have red, green, black, and blue cardigans, and now I have this grey one too. I like the detailing to the front which gives a contemporary look.


The shirt was a bargain at only £10 so I had to have it. I probably should not buy any more blue shirts, I have far too many in my wardrobe.

I am awaiting my Spring/Summer 13 jacket which will hopefully come next week and I will blog about that then 🙂