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Sunday, 28th June, 2015

Mango Man Summer Linen Jacket



Since we’re now into the summer I really wanted to get a smarter, summer jacket for going out. I love my denim jackets which are great for summer fashion, but sometimes I want something a little smarter, like a blazer. My brief was a simple one; I was looking for a light blue jacket, lightweight, probably linen jacket, and this is what I got.

It’s a Mango Man (or He By Mango, whatever you wanna call their male line) light blue linen jacket. I bought it online, and it came a couple of weeks ago. First thing’s first; It’s really light! It’s also quite thin, a lot thinner than I was expecting, and it’s unlined. I’m not quite sure if it was worth the £90 I paid for it, and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth that it’s now in their sale for only £60! Having said that, it is pretty nice, and after looking around for a long time I did decide on this and I am happy with it. It has slight padding in the shoulders to keep it structured, and the fit is really good 🙂

As mentioned it is light weight, and one thing I hate is wearing jackets in the summer because they make you feel far too hot; This was built for the summer, so hopefully I won’t have that problem.

It should look great with a white or light coloured shirts, chinos and jeans, and will make a summer outfit look much smarter 🙂


Monday, 12th January, 2015

New In: Clothing From Nelly And Mango



At the back end of last week I got a couple of more things from the sales…Yes, they are still on! I was waiting for this delivery for a couple of days, but it finally came and I was really happy with it. I actually ordered from Nelly (Sweden) and He By Mango (Spain) and surprisingly they both came on the same day which was a bonus.

First off from Mango I got a black cardigan. I already have a couple of these but they are a little worn looking and I wanted something more fresh. It’s a classic and simple black V-neck style, and has 2 pockets. I’ve expanded my coloured jeans/chinos range too, by getting these grey/off-white chinos, I had already got the beige pair of the same style earlier last week. To round off my Mango purchases I got a simple black T-Shirt to use for layering my shirts or knits.

I really like Nelly and they had some great things in their sale. I’ve wanted a fluffy jumper for ages, but have not been able to find one. This is a River Island one made from nylon, mohair and acrylic and is quite a large size. A brand which is new to me is Ruffle and Bow which is a brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a round neck collar knit which is a sand colour which I like.

Check out more pics below…

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Monday, 5th January, 2015

From The Sales: House Of Fraser Fashion

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I picked up a couple of things from the House Of Fraser sale. I like HOF, they do a lot of brands, from high street fashion to the more high end of the fashion brands which I like. I picked up a pair of chinos by Mango, some Armani Jeans and a Lacoste Polo Shirt.

Lacoste Polo Shirts are timeless. I had a few when I was a teen, and they are as great then as they are now. They usually cost around £60, so when you find these in the sale they are worth the money because they don’t go out of style and the brand is well known for their Polo Shirts. I got this grey one for £37.50, a tad more than half price which is a good deal.

A tradition of the Christmas sales is getting at least one pair of Armani Jeans. I love them so much, they always fit well and I especially like the softer denim they do. These are made from their comfort material as they call it, and really are super soft. It’s a black wash, which I don’t have too many of so this pair appealed to me quite a bit. They were around £100 which is a reasonable price.

Even though I love jeans, particularly dark washes like black and indigo, I’ve wanted to get into more colour in the past few years. I got a lot of colour chinos and denim from Monkee Genes last year, and wrote about this in my coloured denim guide. It’s sometimes thought of a more summer look, but I like to brighten up an outfit and wear other colours. This pair of jeans are a nice colour and are a slim stretch fit. I have bought another pair in an off-white colour which I am waiting for. They are currently £22.

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Friday, 4th April, 2014

April 2014 – Some Special Picks From He By Mango


He By Mango Leather Jacket

He By Mango is a brand I love, and I have had a few pieces from their previous collections which I have featured on the blog. I love the contemporary styling with a modern look and fit, with so many pieces in every collection which can be firm favourites. I have picked out a few items from their special category, which I really love.

Above we have a leather aviator jacket. I was not a big fan of leather jackets until a few years ago, I have always associated leather jackets with punk rock, bikers or a grungy gothic look. While that is true, you can get leather in a contemporary style, which can create a smart-casual look which looks very cutting edge and fashionable. This blue jacket is a bomber length which I love, and being a navy colour will look great in combination with both light and dark tops or shirts. At only £140 it’s a great jacket which is 100% genuine leather.


Spring is here, so you can bring out some light colours, and this cream coloured cardigan is a good jumping off point. I love the blue contrasting detail, it really adds something to the piece. Shown here with a white shirt it works perfect, and will give off a lighter look without you being freezing in the still chilly spring days. Did I mention it was a cashmere blend? Only 5% but will almost certainly be soft to touch. Grab it for only £27.99

Textured Blazer by He By Mango

Add a touch of class to your look with this textured blazer. A cotton mix and a blue-grey colour add a pocket square to the front top pocket and you’ll be good to go. The textured colour and pattern adds a contemporary dimension to it, and it’s yours for £89.99.

You can get any of these pieces and more at He By Mango here.

Wednesday, 29th January, 2014

He By Mango SS14 At 080 Barcelona Fashion Show



He By Mango showcased their Spring / Summer 2014 collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion Show. Looks that emphasize the individual from the period and a certain liking for simplicity and comfort, reducing right down to the essential.

Check out the key looks from the runway below, my favourites are the sand cardigan, baseball style jacket and the blazer above.

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Wednesday, 20th March, 2013

My Suede (Soft Leather) Jacket From He By Mango



I finally got my He By Mango suede jacket yesterday. This is from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection from He By Mango, which I blogged about here. I loved this jacket so much I had to have it 😀 There are three different colours, brown, navy and this one which they call castaña which is “chestnut” in Spanish (I know that since you say that for a hair colour in Spanish haha 😉 ).

I wanted to get something a different colour, most of my jackets or tops are a dark colour and I wanted something lighter for the spring. I do have a leather jacket which is a dark brown which I like, and I have my All Saints denim jacket which is a light grey wash which I got for last spring/summer.

It’s a short cropped style fit, with external pockets as you can see and an internal one too. The front has buttons, most of which are concealed and is also a zip up, there are same colour elbow patches too.

Love this jacket, I will be wearing it soon! 🙂





Saturday, 16th March, 2013

Shopping at He By Mango


Yesterday I received the few things I ordered from He By Mango. I am still waiting for a jacket, these were from their sale. Some real bargains including these 2 belts, which I love.


I am starting to wear a belt more and more, some of my jeans are quite loose so I need it, but other than that it’s also cool to wear a nice belt. I got a brown leather one which is a very soft and light leather, and a black snake skin one which is very thick. They are both very small, they are 80cms and the one I use the most by Ted Baker is 81cms, so that’s a 1cm difference right? Nope! These ones from Mango are much smaller, they do just about fit and are supposed to be for a 32″ (My waist is around 30″ and it just fits me, it’s on the very first notch). Next time if I get one of these I will get a 90.


A cardigan, wow I have never bought one for several months! 😛 I have red, green, black, and blue cardigans, and now I have this grey one too. I like the detailing to the front which gives a contemporary look.


The shirt was a bargain at only £10 so I had to have it. I probably should not buy any more blue shirts, I have far too many in my wardrobe.

I am awaiting my Spring/Summer 13 jacket which will hopefully come next week and I will blog about that then 🙂