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Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000, and were originally sold in Weekday store in Stockholm. The brand specialises in high street denim and jeans for men and women, and also sell t-shirts, tops, shirts and other apparel. Find out how I style Cheap Monday, with tips and advice.

Friday, 25th February, 2011

ASOS Order: Snood, Tees, Jeans And Boxers

So I said yesterday that I had ordered from ASOS. I took a pic of the bag but it was too dark to take pics of the things I got. The light wasnt much better today, but I took some pics, here is what I got…

Pink Diesel T Shirt for the summer

Cheap Monday Skinny jeans in black.

Bjorn Borg Boxer Shorts In Red

Emporio Armani Boxer Shorts in Blue

Emporio Armani Printed design Boxer Shorts

Canada Goose Snood. I LOVE IT!! 😀

I also got another Cheap Monday T Shirt. It was really long in length when I tried it on. I didnt know it was like this, it was far too baggy, so I have sent it back. Not my style, but it did look good on the website.

Too Long…..Back it goes 🙁

The snood is my favourite item I got. I also love the boxers of course, another 3 pair to add to the collection 😛 The skinny jeans are good aswell, something different for my wardrobe, and another colour rather than Indigo :mrgreen:

Thursday, 22nd April, 2010

New T Shirts from Superdry and Cheap Monday


Heey Blog!

I got some new clothing today! 🙂 I got 2 Superdry T Shirts like i said i was going to, and i decided to get a Cheap Monday T Shirt. I have nothing by Cheap Monday, so i decided to check them out. I also got the Baseball Jacket i was talking about, more on that later 🙂

This is a Superdry T Shirt with the “puff” style printing. It is green, and i decided to buy this colour because it seems my wardrobe is filled with black, white and blue, and wanted something different. Price: £20

This is a black Superdry t shirt with pink flock text. If you dont know what flock is, its a velvet/velour kind of feeling, so it feels really nice. Price: £25

This is my pruple striped Cheap Monday T Shirt. I think horazontal stripes are back, i have a few tops with them now. Unfortunatly as you can see this has a hole in, so back off it goes for a return. Not a good start between me and the brand Cheap Monday. I am not suprised, it is a very thin lightweight t shirt, so i imagine its prone to this. Price: £22.